Biden Voters v. Trump Voters

Various sites around the Interwebz are using the term “Biden voters” to describe the thugs engaging in BLM and Antifa rioting. I have another post about why I think this is not a strictly accurate term.

OTOH, there seem to be a large number of folks in the country who have been mugged by reality, but when they tried to call the cops, they found that they were on their own. Nearly 5,000,000 of them have now become gun owners, and lots of them are in swing states. Almost a quarter of a million in Pennsylvania, for instance. That’s resulted a significant increase in the percentage of households with firearms. With that in mind, consider these maps.As a first guess, let’s assume that the 80/20 rule applies and that roughly 4,000,000 new voters are now associated with map on the right. That would tend to sustain Trump’s majorities in the rust belt states, and it would tend to flip Minnesota and Virginia to Trump. It could also produce a shift in the popular vote that would wipe out the 2016 gap.

Don’t get cocky or go off half-cocked.

4 thoughts on “Biden Voters v. Trump Voters

  1. It really does matter where those 4,000,000 new likely-Trump votes are located. If the 80/20 rules applies and 80% are distributed throughout the states that already went for Trump, it does nothing. But if the 80/20 is applied the other way, and 80% of those votes are in states that went for Hillary last time, it will make a huge difference.

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