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Four years ago today, this post about a laughable attempt to intimidate me ran as an I’m Not Making This Up, You Know.

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I received this comment—email201609150153zThey really are panicking.

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Dance is an art form closely related to music. Perhaps it’s because Justice Through Music Project website hasn’t been updated for more than a year-and-a-half that we’ve seen no comment about the movie Cuties from JTMP, but you’d think that the controversy surrounding the exploitation of young girls in such a film would have elicited some sort of comment from that organization. After all, it’s corporate charter says that its purpose is “to shed light on some of the injustices in the world with the power of music.” (Really. I’m not making that up either.)

Of course, that purpose includes only “some” of the injustices in the world, so maybe exploiting children for kiddie porn isn’t on the list. Or it could be that the Director of Justice Through Music Project doesn’t believe that what happened to those 11-year old girls was unjust.

Or he might be too busy failing at protecting another election. As of 10 pm ET Sunday evening—


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  1. The phrases “…it’s time for change…” and “vote out anyone who wants to restrict it..” say nothing. After months of riots, I’m ready for change. I would vote out anyone who wants to restrict voting.

    When you say nothing, you can’t be a leader. That’s why he has never had more than a very few followers. That, and the fact he is a convicted bomber, responsible for the death of one man, and suspected in the death of a grandmother. Yeah, that too.

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