Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

I live in a neighborhood that’s next to a college campus, so the incidence of Democrats on our street is significantly higher than in the rest of rural Maryland. Even so, there are fewer Black Lives Matter yard signs than I would have suspected and only one Biden sign. My drive to the undisclosed location where Stacy McCain I do our Saturday podcast takes me through about 40 or 50 miles of rural Maryland (and perhaps other states depend on the exact route I take on any given day). During my drive on the Saturday before the Democrats’ convention, I saw two Biden signs. On the Saturday after the Democrats’ convention, one of them was gone. Last Saturday, both yards had Trump signs.

Well, rural Maryland (and the rural areas in surrounding states) voted for Trump in 2016, so it’s no surprise he’s doing well there this year.

OTOH, I was surprised when a friend from Prince George’s County told me he’s seeing more Trump signs than Biden signs in his neighborhood and surprisingly few Biden signs around that county. Hillary Clinton pulled 88 % of the vote in PG County in 2016. I doubt that Trump would carry PG county, but a 50 % turnout by unenthusiastic Democrats could take over 150,000 votes away from Biden. If Montgomery Count and Baltimore are similarly unenthusiastic and if Trump voters turn out in rural and suburban precincts, Trump might carry the state by more than the margin of theft.

Fasten your seatbelt. Things are going to get bumpier.

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  1. Driving through rural WI to Lake Superior in the UP of MI, if campaign signs were any indicator Pres. Trump has WI locked up. I would say the same may be true for MI as we returned home though MI and found significantly more Trump signs then we expected.

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