Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Well, only one tiger. Glenn Reynolds has a link to a report that the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency is leading the search for a tiger that was spotted by a deputy sheriff in Knox County. The professor adds, “Tiger shows up at my house, he’s a rug.”

One of the neighborhoods where I lived in California had a problem with mountain lions. They were usually dispatched by a deputy using a 12 ga shotgun firing slugs. Mountain lions were also a problem where I used to hike in the Cleveland National Forest. I never hit the trail there without a suitably powerful handgun. I prefer to remain at the top of the food chain.

The post at Instapundit got me thinking about what I might have in my locker suitable for converting a tiger into a rug. 12 ga or even 20 ga slugs would probably do the job, but I think I would reach for my .45/70 lever action rifle. It will stop a large bear, so it should be adequate for a tiger, and I’m more confident with my ability to take a fast precision shot with it than with a shotgun

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