Sharing With Looters

A friend has told me that he doesn’t expect the sort of looting that has appeared in some urban centers to occur in his rural area, but that if looters come his way, he’s prepared to generously share some of his property with them. He says it’s prepackaged in 10 gram lots which he can provide at a velocity of about 850 meters/second.

7 thoughts on “Sharing With Looters

  1. I have literally patrolled the perimeter of my community trying to figure out how many positions we would need to protect the community. Alas, I don’t think there are enough armed residents to do so, and we don’t have any com gear to keep in touch with the positions.

    There aren’t enough cops in the county to deal with this and I wouldn’t count on our governor to do the right thing is a bit of a stretch. He may moonwalk on to the stage to announce the riots though.

      • I think the Rittenhouse case is an interesting case study. After he shot one, they chased him. After he shot a second, the third hesitated just long enough to collect his own .223 souvenir. And at that point Mr. Rittenhouse was free to walk away.

        It’s probably wrong to draw conclusions from a single incident, but it looks like they will react angrily and try to retaliate when confronted with force, but once it gets through their lizard brains that that first use of force wasn’t a fluke or a bluff, they learn the value of beating cheeks.

        So the lesson I’m drawing here is don’t bother with warning shots or count on the first shot or two to deliver the message; make it clear that wasn’t a fluke and pick out a couple of likely targets. My first thought was to choose dispersed ones, to spread the message around, but I think Mr. Rittenhouse had the right idea and prioritize them by threat posed. Making examples of the most aggressive looks to be the best way to discourage aggression.

        • Legally speaking you probably should never fire a “warning shot.” Either there is cause to shoot to kill or there is no cause, legally, to shoot at all.

    • I suppose you never want to underestimate your enemy, but I don’t suppose many of these Antifa degenerates are willing to die to loot and destroy your place.

      It’s all fun and games until you drop the first one, then comes the tidal wave of second thoughts.

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