Restraint, So Far

On Saturday, leftist rioters in Portland murdered a counter protester. The victim Aaron Danielson was with the conservative group called Patriot Prayer. This morning, The Oregonian is reporting

Groups or individuals seeking to retaliate didn’t materialize Sunday despite chatter online and concerns aired by Portland officials earlier in the day.

Now why would that be? Given the failure of the local prosecutor to go after the protestors who have terrorized the city for months, why haven’t we seen a violent outburst from some rightwing group?

I believe the reason is that groups such as Patriots Prayer believe in the rule of law, that they expect the police to arrest a murder suspect, and that they expect that even the pro-rioter DA will draw the line at murder and prosecute the crime. I believe the people of Portland are waiting to see if justice will be done.

I wouldn’t want to be in Portland if the DA declines to prosecute the case.

UPDATE—These days, I wouldn’t want to be in Portland. Period.

5 thoughts on “Restraint, So Far

  1. I suspect there will be a long delay, as if the police and DA don’t really want to find a suspect. Then, there will be a plea bargain that Jeffrey Epstein will think generous. And then the riots will continue.

    The city government of Portland couldn’t care less about enforcing laws and finds the concept of “law and order” repulsive.

  2. Go to for a example of how Portland PD handles law abiding citizens who pull a gun out to defend themselves.

    The Public KNOWS the local authorities won’t coddle us like they do the losers in ANTIFA.

  3. Just to add a little more context to the execution of Aaron Danielson. Here are a few video links of list interviews of Chandler Pappas who was with Aaron when he was shot. I believe they are worth listing to.

    Also, Andy Ngo has posted that the alleged shooter was previously arrested for bringing a gun to a riot and released. For more information see

  4. So, Drudge has a headline quoting Biden. Apparently he’s blaming Trump for encouraging violence. The left has been calling the president’s “followers” trash/haters/bigots etc. for years. Isn’t the left totally at fault when fellow travelers turn to murder?

    And can any of us put a Trump sticker on our cars? Wear red hats in public?

    Hoge is correct: “So far.”

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