A Quick Review of Thursday’s Speechifying

Thursday’s convention had several powerful moments. I found Mrs. Dorn’s story especially powerful.

After two weeks of party sales pitches, this line from the President’s speech probably is the money quote of the fortnight—

They say that redemption for you can only come from giving power to them.

Just so.

1 thought on “A Quick Review of Thursday’s Speechifying

  1. We’ve tried turning more and more power over to the state and see where it has gotten us. Democrats actively encourage wanton street violence reminiscent of Berlin in 1918/1919 and 1932/1933.

    The want to defund the police, release violent felons in jail, refuse to prosecute violent rioters hurling IEDs, and they demand responsible citizens turn in their firearms while this is going on.

    They may think we are this stupid but most of us are not.

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