Moving Into The Fast Lane

Last night in Kenosha, the riots may have turned a corner, rolled down the on ramp, and pulled into the fast lane. It appears that rioters with firearms are now being opposed by citizens with firearms. Shots were fired, and if the reports I’ve seen are correct, at least one rioter was killed.

History isn’t repeating itself, but it may be rhyming. 28 years ago, a group of armed Korean shopkeepers kept watch on the roofs of their stores during the riots in LA. When the LAPD failed to provide protection for the residents of the Koreatown neighborhood, shopkeepers armed with M1 carbines, Ruger Mini-14s, AR-15s, pump-action shotguns, and handguns exchanged gunfire with armed looters, forcing their retreat.

State and local governments need to put an end to the rioting. If they don’t, the breakdown in the civil peace will likely lead to what could amount to local civil wars between rioters and people who don’t want to see their livelihoods and neighborhoods destroyed. Kenosha may be the place where the good guys have decided that they’ve had enough—and that if the government won’t keep the peace, the community will.

BTW, many of the Korean immigrants facing rioters in LA had military training in the Korean army before they came to America. I suspect that if 2020 has a similar showdown between rioters and law-abiding citizens, most of the veterans involved will not be among the rioters.

There are days when I wish everything wasn’t proceeding as I have foreseen.

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