Themes and Memes

One of the themes of the emerging debate around the 2020 election is the idea that Joe Biden is A Diminished Trojan Horse With an Army of Marxist Transformers Inside. Mark Ellis writes

Which brings us to this election year’s other big narrative: Biden as Trojan Horse for a swarm of America-haters. A timeworn, once-was “moderate” on the precipice of collapse, being pushed onstage by forces whose aim is to change the nation forever.

On this point, it bears mentioning that even if Joe Biden was not in cognitive decline, even if he was still as sharp a tack as he ever was, he would remain a menacing electoral threat to the American way of life.

Biden’s mental state won’t matter once the DNC, the ingrate Squad, Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, Schiff, the detestable Maxine Waters, and the rest of the extremist Democrats get their hands on the levers of power. Even at the peak of his powers, Old Joe could not stave off what these people have in store for America. The fact, incontrovertible now, that Biden is beset by cognitive decline, only makes it easier for them if they can get this rickety warhorse over the finish line. Once wheeled back into the internals of governance, he will become a functionary figure whose presidency sets the stage for an army of Marxist transformers.

The Branco cartoon published yesterday encapsulates the argument.

OTOH, there’s a certain ineptness in the way that the Democrats are presenting their argument that suggests they haven’t thought things through. Do they really believe that they have a message that will resonate with voters? Let’s hope that their 2020 campaign is more like this——and is rejected like this—

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