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In yesterday’s TKPOTD, I mentioned that there seemed to be several interesting items contained in the 2018 IRS Form 990 filed by Justice Through Music Project. For example, the form lists Jeffrey Cohen as Executive Director when it appears that he left the organization in 2017.

Here’s something else I found interesting, the Signature Block on the form— Compare it with the Form filed for the tax year 2016 which was actually filed in November, 2017—Now, compare them both with the Signature Block from the form for tax year 2014 which was filed in November, 2015—I find the differences interesting. The Gentle Reader may come to his own conclusions.

UPDATE—Corrected the date of the third signature block.

9 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. This is just crying out for someone to notify the relevant authorities. If I were feeling particularly puckish, I would be tempted to send Mr. Cohen a letter saying I was considering legal action against JTMP and would he, as the executive director and signatory of the most recent filing, be willing to accept service? That could trigger an interesting exchange where Mr. Cohen would be obligated to either confirm or deny his signature on that form… and, perhaps, instigate his own actions against the already-convicted forger directly.

  2. I would file a bar complaint against Mr. Cohen and maybe even file a motion for sanctions with the court. Let him explain it to the bar, court and the IRS

  3. Too bad there isn’t a Department of the government that deals with legal matters and justice. We could call it the Department of Justice. Instead, we have a Department of Just Us. Just like the fact that the small market radio stations won’t spend the effort to check the background of potential hires and end up with people like Bill Schmalfeldt, the government can’t be bothered with small potatoes like Brett filing a tax document under penalty of perjury with knowingly false statements on it.

    • Remember shazbot, who used to make excuses for violent far-leftists in the comments on hogewash? I asked him over and over again to apologize for that, but he disappeared.

      Anyway, before he got on the subject of shilling for leftist street violence, he used to pretend to be an expert on major scandals happening at the US DoJ. He made a lot of incredibly long, tedious, and unfactual posts to tell lies about how the abuses didn’t happen.

      Do these leftists seriously expect us to believe they think nobody on their side did anything wrong? I think they just like the violence and utter lawlessness, as long as it’s being used to harm people who don’t sign on to the dumb leftist political shibboleths of the day. Whatever those may be. Because they change. Often. Almost as if it’s a scam to make excuses for themselves, and not about any principle at all. If leftists are really like that, they absolutely should not ever, ever be allowed one iota of influence or power in any kind of Department of Justice.

  4. Well it’s not like The Speedway Bomber has ever forged a signature before, or got convicted for lying… you’re really stretching here Mr. Hoge!

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