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In 2012, the Kimberlin-related web domains were being hosted on an offshore server. Since then, they’ve been moved around to various onshore and offshore hosts, and some of the moves seem to have been triggered by reporting on the sites’ activities here at Hogewash!. Not all of the moves have been well executed. The TKPOTD for seven years ago today was part of this blog’s coverage of a set of hasty changes made after I began reporting on a site called globalpharma dot biz.

* * * * *

It’s been a couple of days since normal access to the Kimberlin-related website hosted in the U. S. went down. It’s been possible to access the sites part of the time using anonymous browsers, but that has often been flaky.

I suppose that when the cleanup is complete, we will at least see the sites with Donation buttons reappear.

* * * * *

At one time, there were almost two dozen Kimberlin-related websites running at the same time. Now, there are only a few unmaintained zombie sites such as breitbartunmasked dot com and jtmp dot org. greencasamaryland had a minor bit of maintenance when it was moved offshore some months ago. protectourelections dot org hasn’t had any new content since February. More telling, the donate page is gone from jtmp dot org, and the donate page is empty at protectourelections dot org. In fact, the only Kimberlin-related site with functioning donation mechanisms is empr dot media, an English-language Ukrainian news site which appears to have ties to activists who were involved in the alleged Ukrainian attempt at interfering in the 2016 Election. BTW, the not-for-profit legal entity formerly know as Velvet Revolution US was renamed Protect Our Elections/EMPR Inc. in 2017 and had it’s 501(c)(4) tax-exemption revoked by the IRS is in 2019.


Oh, and there’s more IRS-related news coming. Tune in tomorrow.

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