And Now Chicago

Early this morning, downtown Chicago became the scene of looting. Shots were fired both at and by the police. As of this writing, the draw bridges over the Chicago River have been raised, and the Illinois State Police have closed ramps to and from the Dan Ryan Expressway in order to seal off the downtown area. The Chicago Transit Authority has suspended bus and train service in the area.

Chicago used to be an interesting place to visit and do business, but it is now a failing city in a failing state. Margaret Thatcher once observed that the problem with socialist governments is that they eventually run out of other peoples’ money, and Chicago and Illinois are on the edge of bankruptcy. I’ll add that the morality of marxism always seem to lead to a form of corruption that sucks the moral capital out of any society it infects.

Which city will be next this summer?

6 thoughts on “And Now Chicago

  1. Coincidentally, fascinatingly, and almost hilariously, the amount that Chicago is under water in it;s budget is almost the exact amount (approximately $200 million) that Mayor Daley spent suing surrounding communities that (legally) sell guns, because “those guns end up in Chicago.” Well, your Honor, apparently in the WRONG hands, because if more good guys in Chicago had guns, you wouldn’t be in the mess you created for yourself, Richie.

  2. That’s an interesting question. Which cities do you consider currently in a state of insurrection? Baltimore, Washington, DC, Detroit, Chicago, Austin, Houston, LA, Seattle, Portland, New York, Richmond, Aurora, Denver? And frankly, some of these cities could easily get worse. I suspect major escalations up to election day. It may explode a few days to a couple of weeks earlier depending on the reaction of authorities.

  3. One could suggest a corollary to Thatcher’s law: Sooner or later you run out of people to rob. I think New York is beginning to learn this.

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