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I had the opportunity to do some recording over last weekend. It was a fairly simple gig, a solo a cappella soprano singing a hymn.  The venue was a small church with nice acoustics.

I wound using a couple of pieces of new equipment that both performed better than I expected.

The microphone I used was an Audio Technica AT2050. It’s a multi-pattern large capsule condenser mic, I used it with its figure-8 pattern and was very pleased with its smooth response. It isn’t a Neumann U-87, but the street price is only around $250. I’ve bought a pair add to my bag of tricks.

Because I was recording without any equalization or signal processing, I used GarageBand on an iMac with a Motu M2 for the mic preamp and A/D convertor. Again, I was pleasantly surprised by the M2’s performance. They’re relatively new and have been hard to find, but they’re currently available on Amazon.The single USB connection between the M2 and the Mac simplified set uo, and I found it convenient to use the M2’s monitor output to drive a pair of powered loudspeakers.

Aside: These days, my go to mike for many voice applications is the Electro-Voice RE-50, and my usual pair of portable powered speaker are a couple of Neumann KH 80 DSPs. Using EV mics with Neumann loudspeakers seems a bit backwards to someone who started out in the audio business in the ’60s.

Back on track: I’ve also picked up an M2. Putting it together with a MacBook Pro, a pair of KH 80 DSPs, and a couple of mics and stands makes a neat, compact portable recording kit.

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