What’s in a Name?

I’m seeing some interesting suggestions for a new name for the DC NFL franchise, among them—

The Washington Special Interests
The Washington GS-13s
The Washington Anonymous Sources

My suggestion—given that all the players are male, the Washington Taxmen. However, if that is too “gendered,” the Washington Revenuers.

8 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. I like Revenuers. All us ridge-runners can celebrate when they lose! (Remember Tennesse’s state song Rocky Top? Revenuers should be ignored until they get too uppity.)

  2. I no longer watch the NFL. I haven’t since Joe Gibbs left the Washington franchise the second time. The team owner has destroyed the team.

    I confess I did watch much of the last Superbowl though I didn’t watch most of the revolting halftime show. But I probably won’t watch any games this year, assuming there is a season.

    The tantrums of wealthy owners and athletes have ruined most professional sports for me and I just don’t care any longer.

  3. Washington Lizards.

    (1) Rhymes with Wizards, the NBA team.
    (2) Unlike Wizards, truly represents the area.

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