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It’s not that the members of Team Kimberlin have no accomplishments to their credit. For example, they’ve been the subject of several Downfall parodies. This post from seven years ago today was about Another Downfall Parody.

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Here’s what happens when you send a cabin boy to do a man’s job.

Video Credit: Thank you to whoever made it!

UPDATE—Another anonymous coward from Team Kimberlin threatens legal action.TK20130712b

I’m glad to have the heads up. I’ll check to make sure my list of interrogatories, admissions sought, and document demands for defendant’s discovery are up to date. I should probably give some thought to possible counterclaims.

UPDATE 2—Those Gentle Readers who have not been closely following the Cabin Boy Bill subplot of The Sage of The Dread Pirate Kimberlin may wish to read this post by Stacy McCain for a summary of the backstory.

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How has that brass knuckles reputation management worked out for you guys?

4 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. These “Downfall” memes will always be with us, I think, but I wonder if Our Gracious Host will ever dabble in the field of Ghanaian Funeral Dancers memes?

  2. 02:38 “If Smalfeldt had any sense he would have backed off of Hoge after the first round”

    Truer words were seldom spoken… or subtitle dubbed, anyway…

    If none of this had blown up, I’d think of Brett Kimberlin, if at all, as oh, the Dan Quayle Doonesbury guy, and Bill Schmalfeldt as that “who is this unpopped zit The Other McCain keeps going on about?”

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