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The ostensible reason for Bill Schmalfeldt’s recent “retirement” is a flare up of his Parkinson’s disease symptoms. Many were amazed by the apparent remission he enjoyed over the past couple of years as he bounced from one broadcasting gig to another. The Cabin Boy’s™ Symptoms were the subject of this post which appeared three years ago today. It appeared at the end a long series of posts that day debunking claims he was making during LOLsuit VIII: Avoiding Contact.

* * * * *

Bill Schmalfeldt may have taken my suggestion that he thoroughly search this blog for references to him as a child pornographer or as someone faking Parkinson’s disease because he logged in to Hogewash! and conducted these searched this evening—

6:51:45 pm ET search=parkinson’s
6:56:27 pm ET search=child
6:58:39 pm ET search=pornography

So, how did that work out for him? I can’t say for sure, but at 7:08 pm this evening, I received a tweet from him with a dead link to one of his old websites and a copy of one of the pornographic images he created of me that was part of the evidence supporting Judge Stansfield’s finding that the Cabin Boy™ was likely to continue to harass me and that the first peace order should be extended.

The Gentle Reader should make up his own mind about what all that means.

UPDATE—So the Cabin Boy™ thinks I’ve lied?The Cabin Boy™ says I lied about his putting my face into pornographic images, specifically, an image involving anal intercourse. He may recognize the image on the left. It was stored on his Patriot-Ombudsman website as Screen-Shot-2013-03-24-at-5.07.52-PM_clipped_rev_1-2.33.37.png. (Since it was stolen from a video by Peter Ingemi, the Cabin Boy™ has no rights to the image.) It was this image that he photoshopped on the body of a man on the receiving in of anal sex. I have the original post as he published it in the vault, but I won’t post it here because I intend to keep my end of the 2014 Settlement Agreement. Also, this isn’t a porn site, so I do not choose to have such filth on this blog. However, if the Cabin Boy™ wants the image included in a court filing, I will do that if necessary. But he may want to remember Judge Kramer’s reaction to the other homoerotic image he posted with my face photoshopped in when it was entered into evidence in Schmalfeldt v. Hoge, et al.

Murum aries attigit.

UPDATE 2—The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt may also remember tweeting this just before he posted that homoerotic image—

UPDATE 3—I’ll take this tweet as permission to reproduce the Cabin Boy’s™ original blog post and/or the homoerotic image here at Hogewash!However, I stand by my decision not to reproduce Schmalfeldt’s filth on this blog. For now, the most I will do is show the small section of the original image at right. The area behind my face has been blurred to remove pornographic content.

If the Cabin Boy™ wants to press the issue in court, I’m willing to produce all the evidence I have.

UPDATE 4—I grabbed the tweet in UPDATE 3 out of my web browser immediately after seeing this tweet pop up in Tweet Deck—I normally save tweets as rendered by a browser because they tend to be more compact when included in a blog post. Note that the timestamp on the this tweet is 3:10 am, 9 July. My Tweet Deck program uses UTC which is +4 hours from ET. The tweet in UPDATE 3 is timestamped one minute later.

It appears that in the interval between when I noticed the new tweet in Tweet Deck and the time I opened my browser, the Cabin Boy™ deleted his original tweet and retweeted it without the words, “Post the image …”

* * * * *

BTW, it appears that Schmalfeldt is no more successful building an audience on YouTube than he was trying to gin up believable claims during his LOLsuits. As of 8:30 ET yesterday evening, he hadn’t picked up any additional subscribers since last Thursday.

8 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I find myself unsurprised that The Elkridge Horror was unable to sustain an audience in his not-brief-enough return to commercial radio.

    I find myself astonished and flabbergasted that any radio station would grant him the opportunity to fail yet again. Are station owners that desperate for on-air “talent?”

    • His issue seems to be his habit of eventually letting his ego and politics overrule his common sense. He was apparently let go from a decent satellite job on a big band format for injecting politics. This happened at one other FM music station that we know of.

      There is also that general inability to moderate his behavior. His comedy is harsh and his sense of what is “appropriate” seems to be skewed. His online presence shows this, and I find it hard to believe that his real life behavior is different.

  2. When you can hire experience at the bottom of the wage scale and avoid untraining entry level idiocy, why would you not do so?

    Especially when you don’t do background checking to begin with?

  3. Ah, I sorta miss the daily idiocy of good ol’ Schmalfeldt. He really was entertaining in a train wreck sort of way. I wonder if he learned his lesson about images when he sent my wife that disturbing image of his dying wife in her hospital bed, and I included it in my court filing asking for a peace order (harassment prevention order here) against him? He did seem to become more circumspect about throwing images around after that.
    I am a cruel person – what I do miss is the knowledge that he was reading the PLM directed at him almost daily here, knowing full well that he couldn’t do anything about it.

  4. I suspect an audience isnt the only thing he can’t get up.

    And I see Snaggletooth still doesnt have new chompers. Will she be able to now that they’re sucking in the government teat?

      • I’m guessing no. Xe still refers to Schmalfeldt as xis fiance. Plus the absence of new chompers in Balloon Boy’s head would indicate the appropriate bribe has not yet been paid. Of course xe might have taken money for new teeth and used it to further xis collection of gay incest anime porn.

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