Readjusting the Overton Window

The Overton Window is the range of ideas which are considered acceptable for public consideration and debate. It moves around as the climate of public opinion changes.

President Trump’s speech at Mt. Rushmore was an attempt to move the window upward to include a more respectful view of the Enlightenment principles generally held by the Founding Fathers and away from the Postmodern Neo-marxist worldview underpinning much of the turbulence in America these days. I hope he was successful. I’m not sure that he was. Oh, he did a fine job of rallying the people who already agree with him, but he was preaching to the choir.

Let me extend that metaphor a bit. I’m not sure how effective he was as an evangelist, one who brings good news to the unconverted. There are a large number of Americans who have come to believe the marxist fallacy that everything can be defined as a power struggle among various identity groups, and that someone else’s is the result of privilege and oppression. They want what they see as their turn controlling the levers of power, and many of them are willing to tear down the current system in order to change things.

What many of them don’t understand is the difference between the ideals of the American Revolution and so many others—the people have granted power to the government so it may serve them not rule over them. Those who wish to be change things so that they can become part a new ruling class need to look at the history of those other revolutions. Only a few of the revolutionaries become part of the nomenklatura, and even fewer make it into the Inner Party. The rest become the proles in a failing society.

The good news these folks need to hear is that the American Revolution produced a melting pot society where everyone’s positive contribution has a chance to prosper. It’s not a perfect society, but it’s the best humanity has come up with to date. Events such as the Minneapolis riots or the failure of Antifastan in Seattle are hitting some with a dose of Reality that may show them the folly of their worldview.

It will be interesting to see how they react.

Meanwhile, I hope President’s speech successfully framed some of the questions to be considered by the public between now and the Third of November.

5 thoughts on “Readjusting the Overton Window

  1. Have you ever tried criticizing the public schools (in comparison with charter schools or, ,,,shock!… homeschooling) in a moderately conservative venue such as a church social gathering? The teachers, retired teachers, and their husbands will escort you out of the room, figuratively if not literally.
    I believe that Trump has now successfully moved the Overton Window on this subject with this speech.

  2. The United States of America is the most diverse society in the history of mankind.

    People from every race, culture, religion, and economic status all strive to get into the United States of America.

    The reason why is freedom for the individual; the freedom for individuals to make their own decisions about what is best for each of them, individually.

    Leftists think this is a bad thing.

    God Bless President Trump. (And vote for Ted Cruz in ’24!)

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  4. The range of ideas considered appropriate is now very narrow — as are the minds of those telling us the “social science is settled.” Wed either win this battle or see our freedoms evaporate. Today it’s a metaphoric battle.

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