Don’t Know Much About History

The 1619 Project is a leftist attempt to rewrite History to sell the false narrative that the United States was founded to protect the institution of slavery. While it has been promoted by outlets such as the New York Times, it has generally be repudiated by professional historians, including intellectually honest leftists. However, it has gained  a following among the ill-informed.BTW, George Washington’s will provided for the emancipation of his slaves. He was the only slave owner among the Founding Father to do so.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Know Much About History

  1. They’ve also vandalized statues of Union heroes and noted abolitionists.

    And then they wonder why nobody likes them.

  2. They also vandalized a statue honoring a group of black soldiers that fought for the Union. Seriously, these people are Schmalfeldt level stupid.

    • Speak of the Devil…

      For those of you who have not been keeping tabs on DUMBFUCK, a few highlights.

      A couple of jobs back the management tossed a buddy who hired him out the door, and seeing the writing on the wall, he dropped an on-air farewell bomb before he could get fired.

      Then he assailed himself out of a gig in the exacerbating chill of Ashland, Wisconsin, on the shores of Lake Superior.

      After he tried to follow his pal to a station rebuild in Michigan that never came to fruition, he found himself in Macomb, Illinois. Where after a grueling six months he announced his retirement as of the end of June.

      Which he promptly fucked up. He started a new YouTube channel and promptly began stealing station content of himself and posting it. Then he compounded his fuckup by announcing on air that he was retiring hence, which is a procedural no-no in the radio biz. Further, he posted this on the station Facebook page as well as his YouTube page. And then…

      • (Oops! Where did the rest of that comment go?)

        The station pulled it down from Facebook. So, in a typical fit of Schmalfeldtian pique, he quit because he just will not stand for being disrespected like that after 40+ years on the bottom rung of the broadcast journalism ladder.

        But that was yesterday.

        Today he found the station filed a DCMA takedown request with YouTube and all his videos were gone!

        His response (available on his Facebook page even now!):

        “This action strikes me as exceedingly petty and unbecoming of what purports to be a professional broadcasting company. I have filed a counterclaim and intend to pursue my rights.”

        And you know, I have to believe him. Because if anyone is a first hand expert in petty and unbecoming behavior among professional broadcasters, it’s my old pal DUMBFUCK.

        Get your popcorn ready, sports fans!

        • This is going to be GOLD! Loosen up the Lulz muscles folks. According to the sign on the break room wall, it’s been a while since a pulled Lulz muscle incident.

  3. It’s been a while, but shazbot has still not apologized after repeated requests.

    Instead of apologizing for his gratuitous attacks on innocent bystanders that extremists on his side assaulted, he wrote several extremely slimy meandering responses that tried to avoid the subject.

    Shazbot has no integrity.

    • Speaking of no integrity, has anyone seen the mind-bogglingly enormous freakout on the part of so many leftists regarding Gaetz’s son? I literally wouldn’t have believed the things they’re saying (including non-anonymous bluecheka public figures) if I hadn’t seen it myself. WOW.

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