The Revolution has come to Seattle as a group of secessionist rioters have set up something they are calling the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. One of their first acts was to build a wall to control immigration. Another was to seek foreign aid because of a famine.

I’d send them some popcorn, but all mine has butter, and that’s an animal product, and they seem to be vegans. I guess I’ll just have to throw another bag in the microwave and eat it myself.

BTW, if you need more popcorn, Amazon has plenty.

8 thoughts on “Antifastan

  1. If I understand this correctly they now have a border wall manned by armed guards and a warlord that will viciously beat people for acts he considers to be wrong. If this keeps going for a few weeks the bodies will start piling up. I guess even then the radical left will give them a pass.

  2. Remember when we had this wordy commenter, Shazbot, who did us the “service” of reciting leftist media talking points to us? One of the points he recited was that Antifa is made up, and he also opposed helping the victims of Antifa.

    Somehow, Shazbot had nothing to say about the leftards on his side who all came together to bail out rioters and Antifa from jail instead of helping the homes and businesses the rioters were looting and burning down. He also has said nothing to say about the laugh-out-loud HILARIOUS pleas for funding that have come out of Antifa activists lately, including some of the loser in CHAZ.

    Is shazbot ever going to apologize for his efforts to frustrate justice for victims of his pet rioters and communists? Or does he have no shame at all?

    • I’m still around actually.

      Nah, still sticking to the ‘antifa doesn’t exist’ talking point. The coverage of what is six blocks of protestors who have.. set up an outdoor market and sometimes watch videos and have speeches is being presented as some kind of hideous threat to the Union, and the idea of crushing a bunch of citizens is being presented as a defense of the freedoms of.. citizens.

      There’s been people arrested for vandalism, causing injuries, arson, etc during these riots. That’s as it should be. It’s been.. a mix of lefty anarchists and right-wing Proud Boys, and some people with no obvious political associations.

      As always, it’s only proper to have justice.. but for actions, not for holding beliefs.

      • You’re an unoriginal liar, and one with too many words.

        But let’s focus on these words: “it’s only proper to have justice.”

        Rich coming from the guy who’s running around lying about what extreme leftists are doing. And then if anyone wants to organize in defense, you go out of your way to man your keyboard to stop that from happening.

        Why do you waste your breath defending those lying scumbags?

    • What I actually think is pretty straightforward.

      Violence as political protest is not acceptable, and should be prosecuted.

      Nonviolent political protest is acceptable.

      Brutality in suppressing nonviolent protest is not acceptable.

      Also in this age of mass surveillance (cellphones et al) there’s no excuse to tar protestors for specific acts of violence not done by them, because in a way that was not possible beforehand, you can actually find out who set the fire, who overturned the vehicle, who did what, and prosecute the actual offenders for the things they’ve done.

      Lastly, there are many people saying that there is no hope for improvement in the future, and thus violence is acceptable and necessary.

      I don’t think those statements come from someone with the best interest of America, or Americans, in mind.

      • You avoided directly addressing any of the points I actually made. Most importantly, you also avoided apologizing. You are who I thought you are, and that’s that.

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