Civic Responsibility: A Suggestion

I’ve noted that a great many of our Betters, especially those who live in gated communities, are making statements in support of defunding the police. Now, it’s likely that many cities such as Los Angeles will be suffering severe losses of revenue because of business failures caused by the Wuhan virus shutdown, and those jurisdictions may have to make real cuts in public services, including their police departments.

Our Betters could render a real public service by offering to forgo police services in their neighborhoods. That would permit a smaller, less expensive force to cover the remainder of the jurisdiction. Our Betters could rely on their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves, or they could expand the private security services they already employ, providing jobs for laid-off cops.

1 thought on “Civic Responsibility: A Suggestion

  1. Some of our Betters just tell ridiculous lies about the threats we might have to protect ourselves from. For instance, the left cultivated a giant crop of violent far-leftists, and now that they’re committing terrorism (again; like they were in the 1970s), the left is telling a variety of lies to say it either isn’t happening, or isn’t them. Then they try to stop you from organizing to help people who are hurt by this.

    Would shazbot know anything about that? I didn’t exactly understand the point of this comment he made. He ought to explain it.

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