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This TKPOTD from five years ago is also applicable today.

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Just because I’m not writing about something today doesn’t mean that nothing is happening.

[Smiles quietly to himself.]

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Is the fat lady warming up?


[Munches some popcorn.]

8 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Apropos nothing whatsoever, I saw a link to this old article about links between a communist organization that supports pedophilia, and one of its sister groups that works alongside Antifa in the bay area:

    I wish the left would do something about the communists and pedophiles who keep, for some reason, infiltrating the broader left.

    • You have that backwards, the communists and pedophiles are the core of the broader left.

      • It sounds like it should be really easy for the braoder left to just expel any pedos and commies. Yet somehow they’re not exactly tripping over themselves to do it. Kind of the opposite.

        Please do better, Democrats.

  2. Different kinds of good posts go up on Hogewash!, but the ones that really got me to come here and stay are the ones about a group of criminals. And the ones about the people who were targetted by those crooks. And those who came together to stop what the crooks were up to.

    Does anyone come on to this blog so they can DEFEND criminals? And make fun of people targetted by them?

    What was meant by THESE posts:

    Anyone know?

  3. Dunno if any of you follow news from Canada, but months ago, one of Trudeau’s cabinet members stuttered painfully through a weaselly admission that he wanted to license media outlets:
    Later, the “Liberals” (LOL) equivocated on this policy, although I can’t help but notice their pretend-denials usually include mentioning that *certain kinds* of media shouldn’t be controlled by the government, with the obvious implication that other kinds should be. It kinda strikes me as a non-denial denial.

    Moving on to a whole other subject entirely, do you guys here think we could use any pro-government, pro-“Liberal”, anti-Liberty Canadians policing our comments here? The hypothetical policer could repeat back to us a bunch of blatant falsehoods that we can already easily find on literally every single leftist media outlet. The policer could repeat them using far more words, though, because who says the policer has to be a good writer.

    Once he’s done that, the policer can then tell us which leftist violence we’re allowed to talk about, and also he can police whether we’re allowed to help the victims of that violence or not!

    Sounds great, right? I’m sure such a policer would be a great addition to the discussion around here. What’s more, he’d be trying to make the world a better place! Thanks, policer!

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