Places I Avoid

While I have passed through various large cities recently, I have not stopped in many of them (other than to make transportation connections) from many years. Here are the last times that I stopped in several blue cities.

Baltimore 2016
Boston 1995
Chicago 2011
Detroit 1993
Los Angeles 1992
Memphis 2013
Nashville 2019
Philadelphia 2013
New York City 2002
Washington DC 2016

BTW, I live within commuting distance of Baltimore and DC, but haven’t had a compelling reason to visit either for years. I do miss the museums, theatre, and other cultural attractions of DC, but they’re no longer worth the hassle of going into town. I occasionally wind up in my hometown Nashville on family business.

Otherwise, none of these cities are worth the hassle—as the past week has shown.

4 thoughts on “Places I Avoid

      • Yeah. Last time I went to a big city was five years ago. Went to Ottawa during a month off when I was changing jobs. Visited the war museum, a few other places, spent a few days in hotels, and had a good time. And I hate crowds intensely and live alone because I find it very difficult to talk with people.

        I liked it a lot, but I don’t know when next I’ll be able to get up the will to visit anywhere again. I love the memories looking back at it, but it was genuinely hard for me to be around that many people.

        What I don’t know what any of that would have to do with ‘blueness’. I didn’t vote for the at-the time current government, and don’t see what would have been different if I had. City would be full of people and tourists, whoever won.

      • Anyway, what sort of places do you visit? That sounds like a lot more fun to read about those. I’ve been working too much lately to do much hiking, so I’ve been reading a lot of people who have had the time to do that.

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