6 thoughts on “In Today’s Mail

  1. I suspect someone wanted to set you up, so you would be charged with election fraud.
    Some person took a short walk in a grave yard, and BOOM! found a name he liked, maybe a teenager, from long ago, and sent it into the elections commission.
    Know anybody who claims to be interested in voter fraud? (For profit.)

    • Does your suspicion clear the bar of probability? It must be this high to even ride the realm of possibility.
      Would the name had to have even been from a dead teenager? I am sure someone younger would have been a better fit for such a scoundrel. Would the younger the better be what they desire?
      Anyone who diddles with dead children and voter fraud must have some severe shortcomings.

  2. I wander off for a while because things have gotten quiet, and what do I come back to? This!

    Might be worth making some inquiries though. As Al notes, there are some folks who’d be happy to see you take a hit.

  3. Just ask for a mail in ballot in that name. One more vote for your candidate. After all, I have been told over and over by my Democratic friends that there is no such thing as voter fraud.

  4. Search this name on google and you will find a similar name on a similarly named street in a town not that far from your town.

    This could be a simple clerical error but wouldn’t someone interested in fraud want to do so in a way that makes it look benign?

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