A Similarity and a Difference

Both the 1972 and 2016 presidential elections were plagued with irregularities committed by persons associated with the party that was in the White House during the election.

However, IIRC none of the criminal acts committed during the 1972 election (as opposed to the 1973/74 coverup) were perpetrated by currently serving law enforcement officials.

3 thoughts on “A Similarity and a Difference

  1. I’m just now heading to bed, but I think I might have to revisit G. Gordon Liddy’s CV over this one. He was part of enforcement around the Watergate era and did commit crimes, but I’m not certain there was a chronological overlap.

    Similarly, I also might have to do the same with John Mitchell.

    • Liddy had left government employment (last position was a White House staff job) and was nominally employed as a lawyer for the Committee to Re-Elect the President (CREEP) during the time of the Watergate burglary. He hadn’t been in law enforcement for several years at that point.

      John Mitchell had resigned as Attorney General, and he joined CREEP before the break-in.

      • Assertions like this always bring out the pedant in me. It’s a bit of a flaw — make an assertion, and I immediately leap to test it.

        I think we agree, but I would phrase it differently. For me the most appalling part of Obamagate is that most of the offenders were not the political appointees, but were the career, allegedly non-political officials who are theoretically the ideal all public servants should aspire for.

        Trump has some intriguing Jacksonian aspects. I find myself wondering if we might be better served with a return to the spoils system in the Civil Service. At least that might be more honest.

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