Unmasked Intelligence

There are several theories floating around the Interwebz about how Michael Flynn’s unmasked name might have turned up in an FBI transcript of a phone call with the Russian ambassador. The recently declassified unmasking record doesn’t appear to show a timely request to unmask Flynn during the period between when the call was made and when other evidence suggests the FBI had the transcript. So how did the get it?

One possible explanation is that the FBI was working with information from a non-U.S. source.

The Five Eyes is a signals intelligence alliance among Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the US. Documents leaked by Edward Snowden in 2013 revealed that the Five Eyes has been spying on one another’s citizens and sharing the collected information with each other in order to circumvent their domestic legal restrictions on surveillance of citizens. Thus, if the Australian Signals Directorate successfully wiretaps a Russian, overhears something said by an American, and tips off the FBI, no laws have been broken—just severely bent. I picked the Aussies for that example because of another Australian connection to the Russian Collusion Hoax, but such a signal intercept could have been made by Canada’s Communications Security Establishment, New Zealand’s Government Communications Security Bureau, or the UK’s General Communications Headquarters.

There’s another explanation floating around suggesting the use of a Presidential authorization of a wiretap without a FISA warrant (something that is allowed under FISA). However, such a warrantless wiretap is still supposed to be subject to the same masking requirements as a court authorized one.

Obamagate raises some serious issues. Corruption of public officials is one. An unnecessary weakening of the Fourth Amendment is another.

3 thoughts on “Unmasked Intelligence

  1. This is a very important question that very few people are asking. Something of an answer appears in Andy McCabe’s book: When the Kislyak call was requested (almost certainly by Obama) the FBI found it in its “holdings.” IOW, they already had it in hand.

    The FISA option fails on the lack of an unmasking request.

    At some point in the not too distant future, our loser media might just have to cover the biggest political scandal in American history.

  2. Ho-hum. Another GOPe/Conservatism Inc. scandal du jour. Nothing is going to come of this, in large part because Republican leadership agrees with the left that their constituents suck and deserve to die. Conservatives fixating on these non-events, pretending that justice still applies, are simply in denial of the immigration-driven reality of modern America. You are a hated native living in an occupied country and there’s no way the Colonial Government is going to legally side with you on any issue that matters. You are its problem that needs to be solved, by any means necessary. Soon enough, thanks to its treasonous support for open borders, the Republican party will cease to exist as a national player and these hoaxes will end. The conservative rank and file will, at long last, be forced to acknowledge their real place as serfs in this society.

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