The Other Podcast

Stacy McCain and I will be at our mics at 7 pm ET for Episode 12, Season 3 of The Other Podcast.

Give us a call at (646) 668-2541 and join in the fun.

Likely topics include The Last War, The Deep State, The Narrative, and Crazy People Are Dangerous™.

2 thoughts on “The Other Podcast

  1. I tried to tune in tonight but your show has become a rehash of your previous week’s blog posts, which I have already read by Saturday. The laugh track from the 3rd wheel doesn’t make the presentation better.

    I love your work and I read you regularly but the podcast is a bust from my point of view. Give it some thought unless you are doing it because you have nothing else to do on Saturday night, which is probably the case for most of us right now.

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