BREAKING: Politician Suspected of Lying

Joe Biden is on record as saying that he had nothing to do with the unmasking of Michael Flynn’s phone calls. However, declassified records indicate that these individuals were among the government officials who submitted requests to unmask General Flynn’s identity—

10 thoughts on “BREAKING: Politician Suspected of Lying

  1. Quite a few requests before the infamous 12/29/2016 call. Was there an active case on Flynn? (based on the fake dossier information -That would mean someone LIED to a judge) Was there a FISA?? (based on the fake dossier information -That would mean someone LIED to a judge) Did foreign countries tap the call and share it?? Lots and lots of stink surrounding this’n. Also, the fact that the DOJ/prosecution CAN’T produce a copy of the recorded call.

    • That’s a very precise wording at the top of the article there. “Requests to unmask the identity of an unidentified person who turned out to be Michael Flynn” would be more accurate.

      If there was an active case on Flynn, his name wouldn’t have been masked in it. This stuff came through investigating someone else, where Flynn was either mentioned or communicated with.

      I don’t see why you expect to ever see a copy of the call because nobody in the current administration ever produces one. The famous transcript of the call from Ukraine had big letters written on every page stating that it wasn’t an actual transcript.. it was simply an edited summary. The same one he said exonerated him.

      Same thing here. Flynn did nothing wrong, but you can’t see the evidence.

      The story now seems to be.. because Flynn’s name turned up in a case file on someone else, they must have done something wrong to be monitoring.. the ambassador to Russia? Asking for the identity of a specific person who either communicated with, or was involved in some way with the ambassador to Russia is.. stupid?

      I just don’t get this one. Where’s the lie here from Biden?

      • “Copy of the actual phone call”. Flynn was being charged with lying, the only way the DOJ could actually prove Flynn lied would e to produce the recording of the call. Shameful Flynn’s first pathetic lawyer team never bothered to request that. Although they weren’t fighting the charge because Flynn only pleaded guilty because of the threats made by the DOJ.

        • What was Flynn’s actual statement that he was charged for? If it was that the call didn’t exist, than all they would have to do is prove the call existed, not release the contents of it.

      • “Where’s the lie here from Biden?”
        Biden has gone Full Metal Jacket Sgt Schultz with “I know nothinik” He lied when he said he had no knowledge of any of this.

        • The quote in question is at the top of the article. “Of his phone calls.”

          For all we know his name could have come up in an conversation between two people.. neither of whom were Flynn.

    • If you want the ten second summary, many of these entries came up before the specific call, and thus this list is relating to things other than just that call. Therfore it can’t be then used to prove that this report only relates to one specific call.

      “Quite a few requests before the infamous 12/29/2016 call.” Yeah. That’s how you know this list isn’t about that one call, it’s about surveillance relating to people who weren’t Flynn.

      • “it’s about surveillance relating to people who weren’t Flynn.”
        So, you think multiple people were being surveilled that just happen to be talking to Flynn? There is actually some good evidence pointing to the idea that there was not an unmasking. Very good possibility that BHO ordered the wiretapping.

        • Yes. One of the defences of him is that it would only natural for him to have been doing exactly that. Just like it’s only natural for there to be people watching each other to make sure everything is happening properly, and no one rogue agent can operate without oversight.

          I mean, really, that there is intelligence monitoring of the ambassador to Russia? Of course he was being monitored.

          Secondly, of course there was an unmasking. The list the article is about is a list of people who requested an unmasking in the past, and it was released by the current administration. It just couldn’t have been only ones related to that call specifically, because it includes requests dated before it ever happened.

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