Why Would Adam Schiff Be Panicking?

Now that actual evidence is coming to light, more of the the behind the scenes activities and on camera lies of certain individuals is coming to light. The whole Russia Collusion Hoax was just that—a hoax—and its perpetrators are being exposed.

There never was any evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia or any other foreign state or entity. This exchange from the December, 2017, interview of Andrew McCabe by the House Select Committee on Intelligence show a typical response to a “what evidence did or do you have” question.Nada. Zilch. Zip.

The whole thing was a fraud.

Of course, Adam Schiff isn’t the first politician who has lied to the public, but his lies have had a much more adverse effect on our country than most. The voters of the 28th District in California own it to the rest of America to turn him out of office.

But loss of his job should be the least of his worries.

2 thoughts on “Why Would Adam Schiff Be Panicking?

  1. Wasn’t the key evidence that Stone recieved the released info before it was shown to the public, and coordinated the timing of the release, and didn’t have a good explanation for how that could have happened?

    I mean, it’s easy to say Trump didn’t give the orders for the hacking, but that doesn’t show that there wasn’t any kind of co-operation from anyone else. I mean, if you recieved the data from them unknowingly, it either means you’re a dupe or you were cooperating.

    It’s another extremely specific denial, too, claming that Donald Trump wasn’t personally involved. The claim wasn’t that he was, just that others in his organization were.

    That’s about the third or fourth time I’ve heard a claim that wasn’t actually made debunked on this site. It’s naturally much easier to debunk a claim you get to make up, rather than debunking one that actually happened.

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