9 thoughts on “DoJ Drops Charges Against Michael Flynn

  1. Yeah, looks like 300 statements about how Flynn was supposedly innocent.

    Followed by 300 statements stating absolutely nothing about what he actually did.

    Business as usual. Never explain why the guy confessed, told the press he was innocent, told everyone he was framed, and then got asked by the judge if he wanted to change his plea to innocent.

    Refused that, stuck with a guilty plea and agreement to cooperate. Then turned around and yelled at everyone how he was being strung up and not allowed to change his plea.

    After a couple months of that, was asked again at sentencing if he’d like to change his plea to innocent and fight the charges a second time. Again refused to do so, claimed he was indeed guilty. Then, of course, turned around and acted like it was all fake.

    So.. what part of Flynn’s behavior indicates he was innocent? Spent over a year whining about how he was innocent yet refused to contest the charges in court?

    Not that that matters, because it’d be judging Flynn by his actions, which apparently isn’t allowed.

  2. Better headline would be, “Trump appointee orders charges dropped against Former Trump Appointee.”

    Of course, that sort of thing is only corrupt when done by people not Trump..

    ..It’s also an accurate statement of events.

    • FBI comes to the Shazbot house for a friendly chat. FBI goes away and reports that Shazbot didn’t lie to them. Rouge FBI agent forges the report to say Shazbot did lie and opens a prosecution on him. Shazbot knows he didn’t lie but every document turned over to his legal team (and one of the legal team’s partners just happens to be the wingman of Shazbots enemy) shows the FBI is convinced he did. Did I mention that Shazbots legal team in having discussions with the FBI that are not disclosed to Shazbot? Shazbot eventually goes bankrupt paying the legal bills trying to prove his innocence. Then the FBI comes to him and says, “You see what we can do to you. Plead guilty or we’ll do the same to your son”.

      Something tells me most people at that point would plead guilty as well.

      • If I was intimidated enough to plead guilty, I would also be intimidated enough not to shoot my mouth off, while the case is still going on, about how I’m being forced to plead guilty. Ceaselessly.

        Or, you know, Flynn lied, and felt that sucking up to Trump was a better way to get off than fighting the charges, which seems much more likely.

        • Lied. Right. Maybe read what the FBI said. No evidence of lying. Well, until Peter Strzok forged the 302 with Lisa Page. Yep, there are texts that confirm that happened.

  3. I would suggest reading the excellent series by the folks at Powerline for the details as to how Shazbot is wrong.

    Patterico has gone the way of LGF. He sounds like a shill for Pelosi and Nadler.

    • I’m listing out stuff he did that it easy enough to find out in public statements and court documents. There is ground to complain about behaviors of the FBI and law enforcement.

      Unfortunately, Flynn’s behavior will be of no use to anyone else in evading overzealous law enforcement, because he’s been such a complete lying tool during the process. If he fought it out we might get public details about the process and events that could lead to reform. If he pled guilty and was pardoned, it wouldn’t wreck the DoJ for their next case.

      Instead we get neither, because Flynn went the road of the tool, and because Trump wants to ensure that bad behavior to judges has no punishment.. if you’re connected to the administration enough to make it stick.

      I suppose that’s good.. if you can afford the bribes.

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