Everything Is Proceeding As I Have Foreseen

Sleepy Joe woke up early enough to be on Morning Joe today. Of course, he denied Tara Reade’s claims that he sexually harassed her.

Mika Brzezinski’s suggestion during the program that the matter could be cleared up by information in Biden’s senatorial papers held by the University of Delaware resulted in what has been described as a look a panic on his face. The DNC/Media complex are turning on Biden. They understand that he isn’t a viable candidate.

Joe Biden has served his purpose and is now expendable. The challenge from the Bernie Sanders/AOC wing of the party has been turned back, and now the Inner Party can select the candidate they will put forward for the fall campaign. Thus far, the only agreement among the majority of Inner Party members is that Biden must go. The factions haven’t coalesced around anyone else yet, and they may not. They may wind up fighting all the way to the convention floor.

I don’t yet foresee how the Inner Party will manage the reaction of the Outer Party and Outer Party Wannabes. (Most of the Bernie Bros are really proles.) Things are about become interesting.

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7 thoughts on “Everything Is Proceeding As I Have Foreseen

  1. He seemed to indicate that “of course, all of his Senate and VP records are locked up…” as if it only makes sense that his work in public life should be shielded from view. All we’d like at this point are the papers in which he is accused of sexual aggression with a subordinate.

    Can’t be a lot of those documents, right? Right?

  2. The Democrat Inner Party (DIP) usurped the 2016 Democrat selection process. At the time the DIP was controlled by the Clinton machine. The results of that DIP manipulation was citizen democrats nationwide losing faith in the DNC and Hillary losing to Trump.

    Much of the DIP seems to still be controlled by a hybrid Clinton machine, so plan on much popcorn in the future. There’s no telling what the DIP is going to try to pull off at the last minute.

    • The acronym DIP for Democrat Inner Party implies the acronym DOP for Democrat Outer Party and suggests DERPs for Democrat Extremist Riotous Proles for the Bernie Bros.

      • So, in 2016 the DERPs rejected the DIP, and there weren’t enough DOPs to offset the loss of DERPs. Am I getting this right?

        Or, put another way, the Democrats need lots of DERPs to vote in order to win. Some things never change.

  3. I noticed that he was adamant that the National Archives be searched for anything related to sexual harassment, but that’s not what he was asked. He really clammed up when she suggested that the Del. University archives be searched. “By who?” he asked. What a dolt.

    • I don’t think he understood what Mika was asking. The concept of a keyword search appears to be beyond his ken.

      From what I gathered, he’s saying that any personnel related records would be in the National Archives and not in his personal papers, which is what U of D has. This may be accurate. Can’t hurt to look though, can it?

      He always been a dope and now he’s a senile dope, but I get what he was saying. The real shocker here is that MSLSD didn’t lob softballs to him.

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