And In Other News …

… there are things happening that aren’t related to the Wuhan virus pandemic.

Perhaps the most significant political development over the past few days has been the release of FBI and DoJ paperwork, including handwritten notes, about the Flynn case and how that investigation was handled. At first blush, the documents seem to paint a picture of official corruption, suggesting not only that General Flynn should be exonerated, but that some government officials may deserve disbarment, jail time, and other sanctions.

The optics of the story aren’t good for the Deep State, but they could be even worse for the Democrats who are on the verge of nominating a key figure of the administration that corruptly used the Deep State for its political ends. The opposing sides campaign ads almost write themselves.

On The Other Podcast last Saturday I suggested that the smarter members the Democrat/Media/Deep State complex will use Tara Reade’s accusations against Joe Biden as the way to prevent his nomination (“See. We believe this woman.”) now that he’s served the purpose of stopping the Bernie Bros from seizing the party. The process has started; WaPo has published an opinion piece calling for Biden to address Ms. Reade’s claims. The coming fight for control of a brokered convention should be interesting to watch. I have no idea who will crawl out from under which rock and grab the nomination.

Buy more popcorn.

6 thoughts on “And In Other News …

  1. Multiple members of the FBI Clown Posse should be facing criminal sanctions.

    The AG, Loretta Lynch, was fully in the loop on all FBI efforts; including use of Justice Dept. plus CIA (plus maybe, DHS) to SPY on a competing campaign.

    What did the President know and when did he know it?

    For the life of me I don’t understand AG Barr- If the Dems win the next election all of the current interminable investigations will be quietly turned off. And buried. Charges against Comey and The Rest need to be filed before end of August to, at minimum, get the train out of the station.

    President Abrams will do what’s necessary to protect Ms. Clintons’ party. But until then, make the perps sweat. And hire lawyers.

  2. I’ve always said that Biden would not be the Democrat candidate.Something would happen either shortly before or shortly after the convention and he would withdraw. I agree that it’s difficult to predict who they will install instead of Biden but it won’t be good for America.

  3. Whoever comes out of a “brokered convention” will irritate a lot of voters. I guess we’ll see how many. I have a good friend who is really hooked into the DNC, and he says vehemently that Biden won’t be dumped but will be the candidate. I bet him a lunch on it.

  4. I’d like a brokered convention, with a new Dem. candidate from outside the process: Not Bernie or Harris. Someone seemingly excellent who actually turns out to be an enviro-criminal, Wuhan Lab investor or with a really demonstrable “me too” problem. Maybe someone faking an ethnicity or sexual orientation. Then I want Hilary to run as a third-party candidate, with Bernie as her running mate. She faints on a cool day in June, and it is revealed that she cc’d the Russians on her email to the Zamboni crime family asking “…why is this guy still alive?” Also, Anthony Weiner fits into this somehow.

    My dream “dumpster fire.” Just watch. The Democratic Party will actually outdo my dream. — The blogger formerly known as Dave Alexander

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