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This TKPOTD from six years ago today explains how Brett Kimberlin came to be referred to as The Dread Pirate Kimberlin.

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bot_logoThose Gentle Readers who haven’t been following the Saga of The Dread Pirate Kimberlin since last summer may not understand the piracy references. One of the organizations that raised money to help defray the legal expenses for the Virginia and federal Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuits last year was the Bloggers Defense Team. Team Kimberlin responded with a piracy themed website called the Bloggers Offense Team. I found Kimberlin’s choice of the pirate-related logo at left is interesting. Pirates aren’t semi-sympathetic, comedic characters from a Johnny Depp movie. They are criminals. Was the mask slipping?

That got me to thinking … While Brett Kimberlin’s unconstitutional peace order prohibiting Aaron Walker from blogging about him was in place, I had taken to referring to Kimberlin as Lord Voldemort (“He who must not be named”). Why not a piracy themed nickname? The Dread Pirate Kimberlin. I used it, and it stuck—not only with my readers, but other bloggers began using it occasionally too.

As fans of The Princess Bride know, The Dread Pirate Roberts is a pirate of near-mythical reputation, someone feared across the seven seas for his ruthlessness and swordfighting prowess, and who is well known for taking no prisoners. Ships immediately surrender and give up their cargos rather than be captured, a fate they imagine to be certain death.

The Dread Pirate Kimberlin is more like a legend in his own mind, a pretender who wishes to be feared for his ruthlessness and legal ability and to be known for vanquishing all comers in court. Critics, he thinks, should immediately stop telling the truth about him and give up their First Amendment rights at his command.

It turns out that The Dread Pirate Kimberlin’s legal acumen seems to be as fictional as The Dread Pirate Roberts’ existence. And no one is willing to surrender to The Dread Pirate Kimberlin.

UPDATE—From Bill Buckler’s The Privateer via Zero Hedge:

No tyrant on any level can handle derision, it deflates them utterly by reducing their stature to its proper level in a way which they cannot escape.


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As part of the continuing ridicule of TDPK, his other activities also came under the banner of dreadness—The Dread Pro-Se/Prerormer/Protector/Protestor/Pedo/Publisher/etc.—but as he failed to pay the sanctions and court court due after his campaign of lawyer, Dread became Deadbeat.

He’s now the Deadbeat P______ Kimberlin. The Gentle Reader may insert his word of choice.

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  1. Brett Coleman Kimberlin is a pedophile. In the 1970s, he murdered the grandmother of one of his victims in retaliation for the grandmother getting in the way of Brett’s pedophilia. To this day, Brett keeps a “trove” [per his authorized biographer] of pictures of his victim from when she was in elementary school, including naked pictures.

    Pedophile Brett Coleman Kimberlin also met a convicted pedophile in prison, named Craig Richard Gillette. After getting out of prison, Brett and Craig lived together in a basement with two underage girls who might not be related to either of them. Brett produced and bragged about a video of one of them he made, which included an incredibly inappropriate shot that a normal person would have objected to. When a normal person DID object to this shot, Brett Kimberlin literally made a court case out of it, attacking the normal person for noticing Brett’s tasteless videoing of an underage girl.

    Brett Kimberlin is a pedophile. There is no credible evidence that Kimberlin stopped being a pedophile after getting out of prison for the violent crime spree he went on in reaction to one of his victims’ relatives complaining. To the contrary, there is strong evidence that Brett Kimberlin continues to build ties to other pedophiles he meets, and he should definitely not be allowed anywhere where he might have access to little girls.

    Everyone who ever supported or helped Brett Kimberlin had access to this information, and many of them were handed the information on a silver platter. Imagine their depravity for working with him anyway. They truly owe a huge debt to Brett’s pedophilia victims.

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