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Ridicule has been a prime weapon in the pushback against Team Kimberlin’s attempt to silence their critics. This post about Team Lickspittle and Minions from six years ago today goes into some details about how Team Kimberlin’s attempts to use ridicule backfired and were turned against them.

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min·ion noun \ˈmin-yən\ : a servile dependent, follower, or underling.

Team Lickspittle is not a collection of servile underlings dependent on The Grand Hog. Rather, it is a bit of shameless commerce based on a parody of the Cabin Boy’s™ lame attempt to denigrate a group of commenters here at Hogewash! who fail to suffer his foolishness gladly. It’s an exercise in appropriating one of the Cabin Boy’s™ memes for the opposite purpose he intended. Think of it as intentional infliction of deserved ridicule.

Team Lickspittle is not the only meme Hogewash! has hijacked from Schmalfeldt and his buddies at Team Kimberlin. Blogsmoke and Twittertown Sheriff were originally part of an attempted put down by Xenophon in a post at Breitbart Unmasked. Blogsmoke, Blognet, and Johnny Atsign are my response. They’re also a bit of an old-time radio dig at certain failed Internet radio formats. The Grand Hog was originally a lame bit of snark by the Cabin Boy™. I’m now selling The Grand Hog merchandise at The Hogewash Store. Schmalfeldt cropped my likeness out of a picture taken CPAC this year and used it for a “Big Hoge Is Watching You” image. I responded by using a headshot derived from the same photograph as my avatar on Twitter.

The Cabin Boy™ simply doesn’t get it. He’s never had control of the narrative. I control the vertical and the horizontal, the brightness and the contrast; my hand is on the volume knob. But that control doesn’t come from having a horde of underlings who do my bidding. It comes from the power of having truth on my side.

* * * * *

The Truth is also an absolute defense to a defamation claim, but neither my codefendants in any of the Team Kimberlin LOLsuits nor I ever had to use it because no evidence was ever presented that we have said or written anything about them that was false.

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