Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Gentle Reader who followed the course of Team Kimberlin’s various LOLsuits against me will probably remember that my usual practice was to decline to comment on the substance of most of their court motions and such until the judge had ruled on them. In the case of the motion dealt with in the TKPOTD from three years ago today, The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin’s reply to my opposition to one of his motions didn’t get to the court until after the judge had ruled in my favor, os I proceeded to fisk his filing.

* * * * *

The Gentle Reader will likely remember that I usually tag posts about motions or oppositions or replies with a line about not saying anything substantive until after the court has ruled. This arrived in the mail on Saturday, …

… and since Judge Hecker denied the Kimberlin’s underlying motion last week, I’m gonna comment.

First of all: Bwahahahahahahahaha!

Now, let’s go through this filing paragraph by paragraph.

1. While I did argue that moving the case with discovery coming to a close would be a bad idea and disruptive, the reason that is so has nothing to do with the Kimberlins’ foot dragging per se. Rather the time to make such a move is in the earliest days of a case. It’s too late now. Notice that they expect more motions to compel, a tacit admission that they have been playing games with discovery.

2. It’s nice of them to admit that they were blowing smoke about calling Assistant State’s Attorney Grote and Judge Stansfield as witnesses.

3. While the Cabin Boy™ has been able to attend hearings via Skype, I have been advised that there is no provision in the Rules to allow for a remote appearance of a party during a trial unless he is represented by counsel who is present in the courtroom. Either he or his lawyer must stand before the judge during the trial. I haven’t heard anything about Schmalfeldt hiring a lawyer.

4. The Walker v. Kimberlin case has a final judgment at the Circuit Court level, and the case docket is at the Court of Special Appeals in Annapolis.

5. There are plenty of judges on the Circuit Court who are aware of what’s been going on with respect to Brett Kimberlin’s lawsuits against me. I’ll bet The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin is glad that Judge Eric Johnson has retiredt. Also, he probably doesn’t want to face Judges Mason, Rupp, Rubin, Ryon, or McGann again.

6. There are more than three defendants left.

7. Oh, poor babies. At least there’s plenty of free parking near the Carroll County Circuit Courthouse. I’ve probably spent several hundred bucks just on parking near the Rockville courthouses since 2013 when TDPK started filing bogus criminal charges, lawsuits, and a peace order against me. Don’t get me started on billable hours lost.

8. They’re lying.

9. They’re lying, and no one has believed Kimberlin since Judge Johnson ruled in 2012 that no assault occurred.

10. They’re lying.

11. If someone has been stalking or harassing the Kimberlins, I hope the cops catch whoever is doing it. However, I’ll bet it’s the same imaginary criminal who vandalized the Cabin Boy’s™ tires.

12. Uh, huh. Could it be that TDPK sees extra security not because Aaron Walker is in the courthouse but because the Speedway Bomber is there?

13. Oh, their concern trolling about my witness list is sooooo special. If they’d like something to keep themselves awake at night, the Kimberlins should ponder what I’ve been pondering over who saw what when. They might be shocked to learn what witnesses I’ve uncovered. They could have asked me in discovery.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

* * * * *

Did I mention that Kimberlin is a liar?

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