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Yep, there’s still a substantial market for COBOL programming, and the Wuhan pandemic has resulted in a spike in the need. Of course, the State of New Jersey thinks they should be bailed out of their programming problem for free (by “volunteers”). Joseph Steinberg reports—

That’s what the State’s Governor, Phil Murphy, apparently meant today, when he said at a press conference that the State needed volunteers who with “Cobalt” computer skills to help fix 40-year-old-plus unemployment insurance systems that are currently overwhelmed as a result of COVID-19-related job losses.

Uh, no, Governor, your state shouldn’t get away with having its obsolete IT infrastructure saved by volunteers. “Winter is coming,” is not just a warning from a cable TV show. It’s also a part of Aesop’s The Ant and the Grasshopper. Winter is here.

10 thoughts on “What to Learn to Code

  1. I will volunteer to fix NJ’s unemployment system free of charge as long as they cover my expenses at $1200.00 per hour.

  2. Yet they can fork over truckloads of money for illegal immigrants and abortion and everything else.

  3. It also strikes me as particularly ironic to speak of the ant and the grasshopper about this pandemic, which seems to have been utterly predictable by everyone not Trump.

    Except, you know, when someone asks questions about that, they’re bad people for wanting to not die.

    • During the H1N1 more people got infected and more died. Where was the panic, the quarantine orders, the media railing about the Presidents inaction killing people then? Also, when that pandemic depleted our national stockpile of masks and other PPE, why wasn’t it replenished? It sure would have helped to have access to all the stuff we were supposed to have had the previous administration done their job.

      As for Trump, complain all you want but he’s been following exactly what the docs have been saying to do. If you saying he could have done more, then your issue is with the docs no?

  4. I spent well neigh 40 years programming in COBOL, and I’m shameless enough to admit that I even enjoyed it.

    Nobody’s beating down my door asking for help, but even if they were – there are limits, after all. I did a weekly commute to NJ from MD once, years ago – and I’m not doing it again.

    Besides – I’m busy doing important work: homeschooling the grandkids that live with us, and making sure they not only learn facts, but learn how to question, and how to think for themselves. There are fewer jobs more important than this.

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