Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

I believe that I’m mentioned before that the members of Team Kimberlin are liars. The odd thing about their lying is their massive incompetence at it. You’d think that anyone with as much practice would eventually learn how to tell a decent whooper. Their lies about their LOLsuits and the in the court papers they filed resulted in an ongoing set of posts titled Prevarication Du Jour. This one ran four years ago today.

* * * * *

Ahem.RD201603261501ZSo the Cabin Boy™ believes that my characterization of Judge Joseph’s order constitutes a lie. Well, I suppose he’s entitled to that belief. However, he’s mistaken.

The Gentle Reader should note that I did not present the underlined words as a direct quote from the judge, but as a summary. She ordered the parties—both plaintiff and defendants—to stop filing paperwork until she could rule on the pending motion to dismiss. That would include things such as the Cabin Boy’s™ motion to disqualify counsel and the defendants’ opposition. It would include stuff such as the paperwork the Cabin Boy™ filed last Monday and any defense responses that would be necessary. Thus, I believe that an impartial observer would find that my words are, in fact, a reasonable summary of the judge’s order.

* * * * *

You’d think that someone alleged to have GS-13 editorial skills would have better reading comprehension.

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