Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

By this time six years ago, Brett Kimberlin had filed one set of bogus criminal charges (thrown out by the Montgomery County State’s Attorney) and a couple LOLsuits (one state and one federal) claiming that I had done all sorts of bad things by truthfully reporting on his past and present activities. His complaints boiled down to a case of aggravated butthurt, and butthurt isn’t a valid cause of action for a civil suit. So six years ago today, I ran this post about Dealing with Butthurt.

* * * * *

It has come to my attention that there are some folks out there on the Interwebz who are upset by some of the posts and comments on this blog. While Hogewash! isn’t in the business of giving offense for offense’s sake, I do understand that not everyone likes the way this blog covers certain topics.

In an effort to help such people deal with their issues, I’ve included this handy link to Amazon which may help soothe their pain.PreparationH96ct

* * * * *

The mockery continues.

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