Bernie Bros and Bernie Bots

The Washington Post reports that Senator Bernie Sanders has received a briefing from intelligence officials claiming that the Russians are acting to interfere in the Democrats’ primaries in support of Sanders. My podcasting partner Stacy McCain has posted his thoughts on the matter, and they’re worth reading.

Yesterday, I pointed out that the 2016 Russian Collusion Hoax never make sense. Why would the FSB or GRU or other Russian organization work to support an American presidential candidate who was promising to take effective actions against Russia’s interests? Russia supporting Trump over Clinton made no sense.

Recycling Russian collusion, this time supporting Sanders, may be a act of desperation by the Democrat establishment, but at least it makes sense.

Sanders claims to be a socialist, but based on his record, it’s probably more accurate to view him as a communist. If one of America’s adversaries were looking to support a politician who would weaken our economy, our military, and our standing in the world, who in the 2020 field of candidates fits the bill better than Sanders? While many Russians are too young to remember the USSR, the country’s leadership does. They saw (and many participated in) they way communism ruined Russia. They are no longer communists because they’ve seen communism fail, but they still think as Marxists, so they view the world in terms of a zero-sum power struggle. The logic of that worldview would lead them to favor candidates such as Corbyn in the UK and Sanders here.

And it is all about power.

The Russian nomenklatura have maintained power by allowing a quasi-Fascist alliance between government and oligarchs to evolve. Similarly, the Deep State has developed alliances throughout the West which are threatened from the Right by Trump and the Left by Sanders. In 2016, the Democrat establishment was successful in suppressing Sanders’ candidacy, but they failed to defeat Trump. Four years later, they’ve failed in their efforts to nullify that election. As one prominent Democrat observed, elections have consequences, and one of the consequences of 2016 is that the Deplorables learned they can push back against the elites and win. The ongoing struggle for command of the Democratic Party will be interesting to watch.

I’m ready for my second cup of coffee this morning. I think I’ll put a bag of popcorn in the microwave as a mid morning snack.

7 thoughts on “Bernie Bros and Bernie Bots

  1. “Russian organization work to support an American presidential candidate who was promising to take effective actions against Russia’s interests? Russia supporting Trump over Clinton made no sense.”

    Well, probably because Trump lied. I mean, it isn’t like pulling back from Syrian Kurdistan so Russia could invade further was a pro-Russia action.

    Or removing sanctions against Turkey one day after they were imposed by the Senate.

    Or passing on internal information to Putin.

    Remember, he’s the guy who said a few days ago that it’s a horrible crime to pass on such information to.. other americans.

    The important thing to remember is that Putin isn’t “Pro-Trump.”

    He’s “Anti-America”, and gauged quite rightly that Trump would be extremely divisive and ineffectual leader.

    Hence the support for Sanders. He’d like nothing more than to burn america down, and supporting a wannabe dictator like Trump and an unquestioning dogmatic beast like Sanders means he wins regardless of who does.

    • Meanwhile, Trump delivered lethal aid to the Ukrainians, the US Army in Syria destroyed a Wagner Group mercenary company and we have been making more substantial US military deployments to ex Warsaw Pact countries.

      You are an incompetent troll.

      • Yeah, but he spelled everything correctly, so I’m pretty sure we know who this_isn’t_.

        My guess is either Bernie Bro, or someone Mini Mike is paying $50 a post to troll.

        • Fuck Bernie, his policies won’t be effective at what he wants to do, and are inefficient and expensive. And Bloomberg too. He runs effective ads, but should drop out.

          Still better than Trump. There’s actual reasons to vote for either of them, instead of against someone else, though.

      • Applying the word “Provided” to mean “Releasing a block, after being caught” is a pretty weak argument. It went through fine the first two years he was in charge with no comment from him, naturally. Aid was granted by congress, by both parties, and sent through almost without objection, until Trump halted it.

        Same for destroying a mercenary company. I mean, sure in Syria Trump abandoned allies so, according to him, he could pull troops back home, which is an understandable reason. Of course, those troops never actually made it home, meaning the Kurds were betrayed for no benefit to America.

        Then following up that process by almost igniting another war with Iran, releasing a document that stated troops were being pulled out of the US-imposed regime in Iraq, and then turning around, calling the document sent to foreign embassy staff ‘a draft’ and claiming that troops will never leave Iraq.

        Of course, that happened a whole month apart. One would think that if he was going to take a hardline stance against Iran, keeping the best allies in the region, the Kurds, happy at the bare minimum price of a few hundred people suffering no casulties staring at the Turks and Russians.. Well, that’s a cheap price.

        Of course, all that stuff is apparently meaningless because.. some mercenaries were killed by US forces? I mean, great? Do the Kurds care about that, or do they just want their independance guaranteed?

      • Of course, You don’t need to take my word for it. All of what I’m claiming is stuff that can be looked up easily, with questions such as..

        “Are the troops Trump said he was pulling out of Syria still in Syria?”

        And so forth. These are all specific claims that can be checked, not something vague or unspecific, or a feeling.

  2. You know, there’s a more basic question.

    If Trump is opposed to Russian influence, why did he oppose releasing the intel to the House Intel committee? I mean, if he was truly against it, he could just relase it to sink Bernie’s candidacy, hence ensuring he will not be president.

    And you know this isn’t just Trump saying something, he’s taken action to, once again, hide information that is really important.

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