Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Brett Kimberlin’s campaign of lawfare as a form of brass knuckles reputation management has proven to be an exception to the rule that all publicity is good publicity. The TKPOTD from two years ago today shows one example of why that is so.

* * * * *

After years of frivolous litigation involving multiple LOLsuits (I’ve been a defendant in four of ’em and a bogus peace order petition), The Dread Deadbeat Pro-Se Kimberlin’s campaign of brass knuckles reputation management has been singularly unsuccessful. And now his name is back in the news because of his association with Cody Shearer, the creator of the anti-Trump “Dossier No. 2.”

J. E. Dyer writes about the Shearer/Kimberlin connection in a post over at Liberty Unyielding.

Shearer, besides being a major piece of work in general, played a key role during the George H.W. Bush years, and the first Clinton campaign for the 1992 election, in hyping Brett Kimberlin’s claim that he (Kimberlin) had sold pot to then-Vice President Dan Quayle, years before when Quayle was younger.  Shearer had known Kimberlin for years, in other words, and used his (Shearer’s) journalistic pulpit to retail a politicized narrativeon Kimberlin’s behalf.

But although BuzzFeed and Daily Caller both cite unnamed sources affirming Kimberlin’s marginal role in the “Russia” narrative assembled separately in 2016 (again, Kimberlin denies it), what really completes the circle is Cody Shearer’s membership in the Shearer family, whose ties to the Clintons, including his own, could hardly be closer.

Read the whole thing. And also checkout this post over at The Weekly Standard.

* * * * *

The Washington Examiner now carries the post from the now-defunct Standard.

Kimberlin is a loser. His grandiose drug smuggling scheme failed. He got caught with his bomb making material. He music career dead-ended. He lost his LOLsuits. And he picked the wrong side in the 2016 election and collusion hoax.

Tick, tock.

2 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. “Kimberlin is a loser.”

    Depends on how you count. Brett makes a living; better, I’d argue, than most. He scams The Left yearly for more money than I make. Good gig. Current law, as written, permits this. Give Kimby his due for exploiting regulations as written. I have no problem with that. I myself contemplate establishing a Titania McGraf construct to suck in dollars from Soros/Ford Foundation/Heinz/etc. to make a living a la SPLC. Brett Kimberlin The Speedway Bomber has shown me the way.

    “His grandiose drug smuggling scheme failed.”

    Brett made A LOT of money. At one point owned a Mercedes. I don’t own a Mercedes; can’t afford one. D
    Brett did some time in the Fed Pen. ROI is arguable (not to me, but-).

    “He got caught with his bomb making material.”

    Did some time. Diverted the more serious charge of murder. That’s, arguably, speculation on my part. Don’t sue me, Brett.

    ” He music career dead-ended. ”

    Ok. So what.

    “He lost his LOLsuits.”

    Yeah. But. Brett single-handedly fought every single one to a draw. Including one from a full-blown law firm which had the resources, but apparently not the will, to drag Brett out over subsequent actions. If I understand correctly, Brett Kimberlin lied, via documentation he submitted, to The Courts. The Court(s) didn’t call Brett on that. Must be nice to live in the ‘Hillary World’ where you can violate black-letter law and not be held to account.

    “And he picked the wrong side in the 2016 election and collusion hoax.”

    And so did ALMOST half of Congress. Who cares? The country is split 40/40 with 20% ignorant.

    Guys. I’m not here defending Brett Kimberlin. But don’t think for a second that Brett Kimberlin isn’t ahead on points.

    OTOH. Karma is a bitch. What comes around goes around. Brett skates so consistently to the edge of legality that he’s due for a comeuppance from the law of averages.

    Know when to fold ’em.

    Or something like that.

    Brett isn’t going to do that. Parvocampus, on the other hand- Is smarter than I thought. He’s gone silent. Betcha’ he can’t keep quiet for too much longer.



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