The Art of Computer Programming

Slashdot reports that the Shadow app written for the Nevada caucus is also buggy and that the state’s Democrats have said that they will not use it.

Perhaps the Democrats would do better if they hired programmers who has demonstrated the ability to write functional software, especially phone//tablet apps.

7 thoughts on “The Art of Computer Programming

    • Well, if all you need to do is tabulate stuff, use a spreadsheet.

      And of course the app in question wasn’t vetted by anyone for things like

      What happens if a precinct submits 2 different sets of numbers, or the same number twice?

      Can just anyone submit numbers, or is there any security involved?

      The list of questions like that to which the answer is “We don’t know,” is quite long. The app was purposely shielded from security review because people outside of tech thinks obscurity is security. That has been shown time and again to not be the case. Security is all about encryption standards.

      Then the fact that the app was built on the demo version of the software platform they used. The one that deletes all of your data after 30 days. Was that, “30 days will be more than enough time” OR “We want the results to disappear?”

    • There’s also the whole aspect of race conditions and multiple access databases. It took quite a few years for places to develop methods of living with that, and nearly everywhere is ok with dropping the occasional like or view, not particularly caring about being 99% accurate instead of a hundred percent.

      Here’s a good video explaining some of the problems.

  1. Perhaps the Democrats would do better if they hired programmers who has demonstrated the ability…

    Wow. That is SO racist. People should be hired based solely on diversity needs. Suggesting otherwise is just competencyism.

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