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Some of my favorite posts about Team Kimberlin have been titled Qapla’. This one is from four years ago today.

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BREAKING: Lynn Thomas’s petition for a stalking no contact order against Bill Schmalfeldt was granted.

More later.

UPDATE—The Cabin Boy™ was a no show. His motion to dismiss was denied because he failed to serve a copy on Mrs. Thomas. The order was granted based on the evidence she presented to the court.

The member of the Vast Hogewash Research Organization who was present reports that the judge asked Lynn if she knew who is Paul Krendler. She responded, “I don’t know; he’s currently suing 28 people in Federal Court for being Paul Krendler.”


UPDATE 2—Here is a copy of the order.

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All told, the Cabin Boy™ racked up a dozen restraining orders in five states. I suppose that he stopped at five states rather than going for all of them is just another example of his inability to stick to anything for the long term. Kinda like having created and abandoned all those Twitter accounts and websites.

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  1. Speaking of ‘…abandoned all those Twitter accounts and websites’.

    Bill Schmalfeldt has created and subsequently abandoned dozens of Twitter accounts. Dozens plural- Coupla’ or so years ago I documented the ones I could and I THINK I posted them to Billysez. I cut and pasted 140+ (I THINK 140 approx; might have been closer to 200 (but might not; but might be-)) Twitter accounts into my post but I didn’t keep the reference. Thus I can’t refer you. But check the Billysez archives for specifics…

    In addition to the Twitter accounts I also documented multiple email accounts and multiple (failed and/or not renewed) internet radio station accounts.

    What kind of person creates dozens of identities? And moves off them only to create more?

    Well. It would be the kind of person who gets banned from posting on Twitter and/or multiple websites. Multiple times.

    It would be the kind of person who has driven multiple times across substantial amounts of Trump’s America in pursuit of multiple small-market radio jobs. None of which he’s been able to hold on to for a year minimum. 6 months minimum? 32 days minimum? Don’t recall, myself- But others do.

    ‘Know thyself.’

    Think I read that somewhere.

    PS- Di, if you’re still in contact with him please forward this to Bill. He’ll get a kick. Also. I’m currently out of ideas for mockery and would appreciate your insights. C’mon- You got to admit some of my work (Starship Che, B-17, Scooty-Puff Chronicles and the damn recurring raven, among others) was clever. Please contact me via Paul Krendler, Esq. Not only, ‘The truth is out there.’ But so is Paul.

    PPS- For all who have asked, ‘Yes’. The monkeys are doing well. The one (name’s withheld to protect the innocent) who spends most of his time sipping daiquiris on a float in the pool wants to be a Hollywood agent. Honestly? He’s doing better than I would have thought. Got the fancy-assed sunglasses, too. So I’m not discouraging him. Dance and golf for the others. I’ve been asked to build shelves for a library on 2 of the gym walls. Don’t ask.

    PPS- Brett. Oh hell, you know how it goes-

  2. “All that is necessary to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt, is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt” -R. S. McCain

    It is noted that Plaintiff provides no proof other than his own self-serving statements that “Paul Krendler” … is actually Defendant Grady or any of the other Defendants…–Kaymani D. West, United States Magistrate Judge

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