Shooting One’s Self in the Foot

Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS Shoes, is a strong proponent of gun control, and he has spent millions of dollars of company funds pushing universal background checks. Now, creditors are taking control of the company, which has been losing money and was in danger of being unable to pay a $300-million loan due in 2020.

I took a look at the company’s website and found the image on the left. Maybe times have changed more than I realized, but I’m so old that I remember when men’s dress shoes were actually … well … dressy and suitable for wear with formal attire. If the company’s management has this sort of trouble understanding how to properly categorize their own products, I suppose it’s not surprising that they wouldn’t fail to see that sinking corporate funds into virtue signaling on a matter unrelated to the company’s business might not good for its bottom line.

Get woke. Go broke.

3 thoughts on “Shooting One’s Self in the Foot

  1. Many companies are willing to risk this. A few may have actually staved off the immediate consequences. Dick’s seems to be at least treading water after the unilateral disarmament. Target seems to have bounced back after declaring a war on women in their bathrooms and changing rooms. Walmart and Chick-fil-A have gone SJW. It’s too early to tell there.

    I haven’t made a purchase at Target in nearly 5 years. It’s been 2 years since I spent a dime at Dicks. I haven’t been to Walmart since August. And I haven’t eaten at Chick-fil-A since October or November.

    I don’t care what these companies do with their money but I do care what they do with the money I give them. That’s quite literally my business.

  2. Those are slippers with delusions of grandeur. That’s what happens when you use a political philosophy as your business model.

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