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One of the basic false premises of the Team Kimberlin LOLsuits has been that it is defamatory to tell the truth about them. The implied threat of legal consequences dealt with in this post, Hit a Nerve, Have We?, from three years ago today never materialized, but the post shows how a member of Team Kimberlin (Bill Schmalfeldt in this case) can easily be triggered by the facts.

* * * * *

I found this in my inbox this morning. The timestamp is in GMT. The Cabin Boy™ sent this within 5 minutes of logging in just after midnight’s apparent that the Cabin Boy™ appears to be unaware of the meaning of apparent.

apparent | ə-ˈper-ənt | adj.: based on evidence that may or may not be factually valid.

The Gentle Reader may read the email exchange of the negotiations in question, consider the Cabin Boy’s™ subsequent filing of bar complaints, and decide for himself whether it appears the Cabin Boy™ negotiated in good faith.

Meanwhile, I stand by my post.

UPDATE—Moar mail from the Cabin Boy™—bs-email-201622261620z

I stand by my post.

* * * * *

And Schmalfeldt didn’t do anything.

Eventually, the Cabin Boy™ would sue me one more time, and of course, lost that case (LOLsuit VIII: Avoiding Contact) as he did all the others.

Facts are stubborn things.

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