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When Brett Kimberlin’s life is viewed as a whole, it’s not surprising that his campaign of brass knuckles reputation management via lawfare failed. He’s wound up failing at almost everything his tried. This post titled Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin and Bad Timing shows how his laziness and/or inattention to details wound up providing the evidence that tied him to the Speedway Bombings.

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timer-blackIn Citizen K Mark Singer describes TDPK’s efforts to have the car he was driving when he was busted by the FBI for impersonating a federal officer and some other misdemeanors moved to a “safe location.” However, the FBI got a search warrant and impounded the car first. Mr. Singer describes the search at the bottom of page 98:

Several FBI agents, as well as a peer from the ATF, Bernard (Ben) Niehaus, were present when the search got underway in the printing shop parking lot. The original warrant was limited to evidence related to the misdemeanor possession [of government insignia] charges. The agents would later testify that after forcing open the trunk—and this would be central to the prosecution of the bombings case—they discovered objects that had nothing to do with the misdemeanors. Niehaus phoned a fellow ATF agent, Patrick Donovan, and described particulars that provided for yet another search warrant. The most provocative item Niehaus saw that morning was a black leather suitcase imprinted in gold with the initials BCK—the monogram of Brett Coleman Kimberlin. Inside, the government would one day explain to a jury, were four Mark Time timers. Each had been altered so that it was identical to the devices that triggered the bombs in Speedway.

To this day, TDPK maintains his innocence in the Speedway bombing. He claims that he was framed. He has never expressed any remorse for gravely wounding Mr. and Mrs. DeLong.

Framed, huh?

If I were a crooked cop trying to frame someone for a bombing, I wouldn’t bother to modify four timers and plant them. One would do. Traces of Tovex 200, the explosive used in the bombs, were found in the trunk of the car also. If I knew that, I wouldn’t bother to plant the timer. Possession of explosives by a felon (remember, TDPK’s a perjurer) is itself a felony, and possession of the same type used in the bombings provides a strong possible link to them.

No, TDPK wasn’t framed. He screwed up and left bomb making material in a vehicle that he was driving when he got arrested. That’s simply poor attention to detail and bad timing on his part.

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Failing failures gotta fail.

3 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Sincerely believing that you’re way smarter than any of your (even potential) adversaries is rarely conducive to clear thinking and planning based on clear thinking, nor to successful execution of the plans made. That would appear to be a problem for the entire Kimberlin Krew, few of whom seem to have IQs much above room temperature numbers.

  2. With all due respect, I disagree-

    Brett Kimberlin is a slick little operator. He’s nimble, energetic, innovative and always moving forward. Give the devil his due.

    The ‘always moving forward’ part, coupled with his absolutely certainty in his personal competence is responsible for his sloppiness (inattention to detail). All His Life Has He Looked Away, to the Future, to the Horizon. Never His Mind on Where He Was. What He Was Doing.

    Thus Brett makes mistakes. Oh boy does he make mistakes. Know that Brett is amazed that the courts, to date, haven’t looked past his hyper-technical mistakes to get to The Grand (Legal) Truth underpinning his righteous cause(s). If they did the courts would rule in his favor. Every time. But it’s those damn kids, and their pesky lawyers, impeding Brett with their liliputian procedures. And lawses. A Pro Se should be granted more latitude, dammit. And if you don’t believe that; Brett Kimberlin can provide you the exact cite.

    That Brett Kimberlin consistently and constantly channels his energies and talents into illegal and marginally legal/illegal activities is why ‘bad timing’ gets him on a fairly frequent basis. Constantly constantly constantly flying too close to the sun means more sunburns than you would statistically expect for any single individual.

    Let me get back, though (and in no particular order), to Brett’s slickestry:

    – Brett Kimberlin is, and has always been, a financial success despite not working any sort of traditional job. He’s a entrepreneur hauling in tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly through both fair means (donations and grants) and foul (dope dealing).

    – Brett Kimberlin likely is holding more real estate than people know. He’s done better than OK in The Material World (cf Mercedes, Prius, Green Home). Can you say, ‘Discovery’ boys and girls? Sure. I knew you could.

    – Brett Kimberlin has caused A LOT of legal pain for people and organizations with no consequences to himself. Other than his own time invested. Brett Kimberlin has, arguably, altered evidence, submitted same to a court and dissembled his way out of having the court hammer him. He constantly mis-states his cites. Courts take no notice. Brett took on a entire law firm and skated. Didn’t win; but walked off whole himself.

    – Beat a murder rap because he didn’t face a rap. That one was just luck plus timing.

    I’m not suggesting ALL is wonderful in Brett’s life:

    – Brett Kimberlin’s family life MUST be a mess. I suspect it’s unlikely that Brett’s wife is close to him and his children know exactly who he is.

    – He’s a convicted felon. And still on probation. Thus far he’s been extraordinarily successful in dodging personal consequences but the law of averages says he should have quit poking others a long time ago. Brett Kimberlin may yet be held to account and it will be his fault if he is.

    – And finally. Brett Kimberlin has made it ‘personal’ between him and WJJH. My mouth dropped open the first time I saw John refer to Brett as ‘the midget.’ That was just extraordinarily out of character for the person I believe John to be. Problem for Brett, now, is that Hollywood itself couldn’t have written a more uniquely capable person suited for taking Brett on. My guess is John has a endgame in mind and has used the past few months to prepare meticulously.

    WJJH has teased this. Too. There’s a psychological component there I admire. See, there used to be this guy Damocles and… Oh heck. Let’s just wait for Discovery. File first, discovery next methinks.

    To summarize: Brett Kimberlin has been much more than modestly successful to date. But by staying in the game too long, thereby tempting both Karmic Fate and the Law of Averages, Brett has exposed himself unnecessarily. And hugely.

    The rest of (I love this turn of phrase) the Kimberlin Krew? Idiots. Hanger-on Idiots as far as the eye can see.

    All of this IMHO. Don’t sue me, Brett.

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