The French Are On Strike

The AP reports that

French union activists cut electricity to nearly 100,000 homes or offices. Eiffel Tower staff walked off the job. Even Paris opera workers joined in Tuesday’s nationwide protests across France, singing an aria of anger as workers rallied against the government’s plan to raise the retirement age to 64.

I’ve retired twice. Once, when I was 65-1/2 and my wife was going back to school. That lasted six months. Again, when she was diagnosed with cancer to help with her initial care. That lasted six months also. I’ll be 72 on New Year’s Eve, and I’m still working and intend to do so as long as I have interesting things to do.

2 thoughts on “The French Are On Strike

  1. And I know people in Europe who have been forced to retire because they hit retirement age, and have to retire to “make room for younger workers.”

    These are Heinlein’s Crazy Years, we’re just living in them…

  2. I’m retiring next year, Dec 31 2020, at age then of 73. I may then do some part-time work for the same organization. If my legs were in better shape I would have gone for 75. It’s good to have a job you enjoy.

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