Deb Frisch—Again

This morning, I received a series of emails from noted Internet crazy person Deb Frisch which appear to outline an ongoing problem she is having obeying the terms of her parole. The emails include one from Frisch’s probation manager directing her to cease contact people via the Internet in violation of the terms fo her parole. It also includes a court transcript which she says mentions my son William but that does not contain in reference to him at all.


UPDATE—Oh look, here’s another email from Deb Frisch. It’s a bunch of disjointed ramblings label as “draft of rule 35a /(35c(2)(1) motion i am serving today by US mail – 19th district/div 16 da rourke, judge lyons”

9 thoughts on “Deb Frisch—Again

  1. Anyone else live in fear of Frisch and Schmalfeldt meeting and joining forces?

    Fortunately, I believe they can’t breed, but still, them meeting is a horrific thought.

  2. Might I suggest to Our Gracious Host that a little time spent at might be productive and worthwhile?

    For the unilitiated, that site is NOT controlled by Ms. Frisch, but, in the owners’ own words, “This website is an attempt to collect online resources for people who might encounter Dr. Deborah Ellen Frisch on the Internet, or in real life.”

    It’s quite a worthy effort.

    • Thank you. As the proprietor of, a bit of amusing history:

      The site originally belonged to Dr. Frisch, where she hosted South(West)paw, her original blog.

      Due to some self-imposed financial issues, she failed to renew the site in 2010, and it was snapped up immediately, and converted to its current usage.

      The wails, then and now, by Little Debbie Snackcakes, were (and continue to be) epic and amusing.

  3. Been following CrazyDeb since she was a professor in Arizona. It tells you a lot about the system that it can’t or won’t do anything about her. She repeatedly violates various laws and legal restraints on her behavior and nothing happens to her.

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