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  1. To the average reader, the typical response would be “way to go out on a limb there, chief.”

    But to a certain select few, they’re scrambling for a calendar and wondering. Or, if they’re not wondering, they’re sweating.

    And then there are those of us who have no clue what is brewing, but know enough to channel the late, great Stephen Furst…

      • OK, the video isn’t showing up.

        It’s supposed to be Vir (Flounder), talking to Mr. Morden:

        Morden: “What do _you_ want?”
        Vir: “I’d like to live just long enough to be there when they cut off your head and stick it on a pike as a warning to the next ten generations that some favors come with too high a price. I want to look up into your lifeless eyes and wave, like this: (Cheerful finger-flicking waving occurs). Can you and your associates arrange that for me Mr. Morden?”

        • Odd that Mr. Furst, a very good but relatively unknown and unhailed actor, got two such great roles, and did absolutely superb jobs with them. The writing on Babylon 5 certainly helped.

          For the unitiated, that scene was from the beginning of Babylon 5’s 2nd season. This is from the end of Season 4:

    • Oh, and that certain select few you discuss?

      If they could read calendars they wouldn’t be in the mess they are in.

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