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One of the few good things about Team Kimberlin is the fact that their klutziness is a bountiful source of pointage, laughery, and mockification by so many commentators, and their thin skins often result in reactions that compound the merriment. One prime example of this occurred five years ago today after I reposted a tweet by Aaron Walker under the title Jabba the Cabin Boy™.

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Buffalo channels Tantooine.buffalosnowUPDATE—I have been informed that Bill Schmalfeldt has posted an image that completely shows the original post above on his schmalfeldt dot org website. I believe that is a violation of the settlement agreement for the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt lawsuit. I hope that he will take the image down and eliminate the need for me to enforce the agreement.

UPDATE 2—I received this comment this evening to an earlier post. It appears to be a violation of the current peace order.BS201411220100Z

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Speaking of winter weather, Wikipedia has this to say about the climate in Ashland, Wisconsin—

Due to the city’s proximity to Lake Superior, it sometimes has lake effect snow storms, with high amounts of snow recorded.


Oh, and the record low was -41 C.

6 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I predict a resurgence of the Fakinson’s symptoms identical to those that caused him to faw-down-go-back-to-South-Carolina a year ago.

    Although, the fact that he seems to have spent most of 2019 chasing these low wage gigs, real and imagined, across the upper Midwest suggests that the patience of the Inflat-a-sister in Socastee may have finally reached an end.

  2. Is the labor market for small radio stations and newspapers so tight that the hiring managers don’t do any kind of reference or background check? Bill Schmalfeldt (aka Big Bill Small) now has had something like 8 different jobs in just the last two years – most don’t seem to last more than 2 months (most probationary periods are 60 days – I wonder if there is a relation?). He got a job as a sports writer – the most athletic thing he does is run away from problems he creates for himself.

    And there doesn’t seem to be any mention of his late stage Parkinson’s anymore. Strange.

    • In the past six months or so there has been no mention of any of his pets including Balloon Boy. I wonder if even xe got tired of his shit (and waiting for the ever promised new chompers) and kicked him to the curb. Of course xe had family that would take her in while William Schmalfeldt’s kids wouldn’t even piss on his grave.

      He should try San Fran. I hear you can shit on the streets there. He’d be among his own kind.

  3. WJJH is 96.7 FM in Ashland, WI. I am not kidding. Can you say ‘karma’ boys and girls? Sure. I knew you could.

    WJJH would be entirely too good to be true. Could also be WJMS; but that’s not licensed in Ashland.

    So my guess is that he’s at WATW 1400 AM. It’s the only station LICENSED in Ashland. Bill says they’ve just converted from a conservative talk-radio format (“And we’ve put that where it belongs.”) to a ‘classic country format.’

    The last listener comment, that I see, says “1400 AM (WATW) is off the air most of the time now. LONG periods of “dead air.” A constant loud BUZZ, 24/7. Talk shows are being broken up, “chirps” during these shows. Liberals have finally taken over, huh? The FCC should be informed.”

    Oh, ho, ho! If you only knew!

    Well. Not only that. Methinks Mr. Big Bill Small who has a ‘most excellent friend’ in Brett Kimberlin The Speedway Bomber has told some hapless owner he’ll run, and provide content, for a formerly-zombie radio station. Question for the studio audience: Is it more or LESS difficult to get fired IF you’re a one-man show at a one-man radio station?

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