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When I started this blog in 2011, I decided to blog openly. I put my name and contact information on the site. You can find it most easily here. Consequently, I’ve always laughed at Billl Schmalfeldt whenever he threatened to dox me. I’ve engaged in such pointage, laughery, and mockification several times, including this post from two years ago today called Cowardly Cowards Gotta Cower …

* * * * *

… and bluster and threaten. Like this—Let me save the Cabin Boy some bandwidth. My name can be found on the copyright notice appended to the site logo, and the rest of my contact information, including my home address and cell phone number, can be found on the DMCA tab in the menu just below the logo. If you want to know what stately Hoge Manor looks like, you can click here for a post that shows a picture Schmalfeldt has previously posted. If you need directions, click here.

If you call or email before you come, you’ll be met with coffee and snacks. Otherwise, …

The Gentle Reader may form his own opinion as to who is cowering.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, Big Bill Small has morphed into Rick St. Nick as he moves further toward a winter vacation at the North Pole.

4 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • I’ve seen this guy’s videos before. I like him, but you can tell he is a lawyer because he uses 100 words to say something when 5 would suffice.

  1. While I’ve never tried to “hide” my identity (it only takes a few clicks to find it), I haven’t been as open as our host. But Bill Schmalfeldt did do some of those things to me, and most of it since his wife has died. He has posted pictures of me and my wife, he has published my address and phone number (it is not unlisted, so it really wasn’t hard to find), and he has published my wife’s business name, even though she was never involved in this. Of course, this was after he falsely doxed two other people as me first. It was his obsession, in part, that led me to seek, and be granted, a harassment prevention order against him.

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