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One of the easiest thing to do when writing about Brett Kimberlin and has coterie of followers and enablers is to find something stupid or evil that one of them has done to be subject of a post. Their lies became so common that I began a collection of posts called Prevarication Du Jour. This PDJ first ran six years ago today.

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One thing about Bill Schmalfeldt, he never lets the truth get in the way of his nonsensical allegations.WMSBroad201311202247Z“… a fierce hatred of Muslims?” I’m not a Muslim. I’m a Christian, so I believe that Muslims are mistaken in their religious views, but that doesn’t mean that I hate them.

Furthermore, while I have published criticism of Islamic terrorists, Hogewash! has never tried to tar all Muslims with their guilt.

Schmalfeldt needs to put up or shut up on this one. Either he needs to cite a specific post from this blog that a reasonable person would construe as expressing hatred for Islam or Muslims as a whole, or he needs to offer a retraction and apology. If he can find such a post, I will retract it and apologize for it—and I will donate $1,000 to the National Parkinson Foundation.

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When Brett Kimberlin was trying to intimidate a group of us just before the BlogBash 2013 party, he threatened that the party would be subjected to a protest led by a “fiery imam” unless it were cancelled. We were not frightened, and the party went ahead as planned, but the Prince George’s County Police put extra officers in the area that evening just in case.

The picture on the left was published at Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread as part of its coverage of BlogBash 2013. Tetyana Kimberlin has stated that she took the picture, that the person wearing the headdress is Brett Kimberlin, and that he is sitting in a Toyota SUV leased by Justice Through Music Project. Brett was apparently too cowardly to actually confront any of the partygoers.

Indeed, the only minor (and somewhat humorous) disturbance occurred when Craig Gillette, one of Kimberlin’s associates at Justice Through Music Project, began accosting and photographing people on the sidewalk outside the venue.

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  1. Isn’t Craig Gillette the guy who did federal prison time for the possession of child porn and that Brett let live in his Mom’s basement in close proximity to his own young daughters?

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